ATF for 03 Infiniti M45

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Jul 10, 2007
Lansing, MI U.S
Hi, I bought a 03 Infiniti M45(124k miles) about a month ago without any serious research.It turns out that there a few information for the car. I guess most of owners of M45 just go to a dealership. Anyway I am not and can't. I want to chagne the ATF now. The manual recommands the Nissan Matic J ATF which $12 per bottle in a local dealership. Thus I found out the Idemitsu Type-J A/T Fluid (W0133-1903155) on the Internet. Are they the same one? Since the Idemitsu one is about $7 per bottle, I would like to buy the them instead of Nissan. Does any one know about it?
Amsoil ATF works real well in these, i did my M35x with it a couple of years ago and it shifts great. Contact Pablo he can hook you up.
Can you give me his email or website? Also I still want to have an answer for my question. Thanks, Ryan.
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Pablo is a member here and an amsoil dealer, just send him a PM. PS i just sent him a PM so he should look at this thread soon.
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You want to be careful with Nissan trannys. Matic J has been replaced with Matic S; J is no longer sold at dealers. You can order Matic S on the Internet for abou $8/bottle. The problem with ATF fluids is both their friction characteristics and their incompatability with clutch material. Choose the wrong one and you can have problems. I use only Matic S in my Frontier.
The Amsoil meets the specs for these units. IMHO it is probably the best ATF on the market today bar none. PS i get no discount on Amsoil i am a retail customer, but i have used it in dozens of units (my own and customers) over a lot of years and it never fails to impress.
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