ASUS monitor review?

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Jun 24, 2004
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I'm about to pull the trigger on a new ASUS monitor for our computer for Christmas. Who makes ASUS' monitors for them? Anyone have one who can give some first-hand feedback? Thanks in advance.
Jason- Right now, I have 2 - 20" ASUS monitors, sitting side by side. One is a VE205T, the other is a VE208T. The only thing that I can complain about with mine are the lame speakers. They're not really for music. They're only for the beeps and chimes that Windows makes. But, for what I paid for the monitors, I didn't expect a whole lot from the speakers. But, quality for the price is good. I'm considering grabbing a 27" ASUS for less than $300 right now.
Thanks. I want one with built-in speakers. We only occasionally watch a YouTube video or listen to music on the computer, so I'd like to get our cheap speakers off the desk and consolidate them on the monitor. I'm not expecting symphony sound, but just enough to listen to a song here or there. I'm looking at a 24" for $139 after rebates.
I have one, works great, is the fast-reacting type but with the poorest color profile. Read up on types of LCDs (not just the backlights) before purchasing!
I'm not sure what to look for in LCD screens. Used to be, everyone advertised the "contrast ratio". I think word got out that contrast ratios are next to meaningless, so now they advertise the "dynamic contrast ratio". The more the better it seems. The reviews talk about vivid colors and general good performance. We'll see.
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They are very good, I have yet to have one fail.
Agree with Mr Overk1ll: I have bought many of these, they're great. Look for a 22-24" models with built-in speakers. The 24" models run right around the $200 price point.
See above. I got a 23.6" one (marketed as a 23", but I believe the viewable area is 23.6") and it has built-in speakers. I'm sure it'll be great. When we bought this computer in 2006, the 19" flatscreen was "ooh" and "ahh". Now it seems so inadequate. The flatscreen will go into our daughter's room as a monitor for the Compaq laptop computer we have. She's got an iMac on her desk now, but it's an old G3 model with virtually no upgradeability. I'm going to put Win7 32 bit on the Compaq later this month and she'll be rockin' and rollin' to her online kids books with that.
I actually mis-spoke earlier. I thought I bought the 23.6" model, I really did. And the model number of the one I did buy has 236 in it. But the one marketed as a 23.6", the one I was looking at for a while, is a VH242H or something similar. But it's also $179.99 with no rebates. Oh well; I'm cheap.
I have a 27 inch ASUS monitor on my wife's gaming computer. It's fairly good when compared objectively. I'm not going to say it's resolution and color rendition are fantastic, because it's not perfect. Nor am I going to say it's as good as a smaller hi-res, high end monitor, because the pixels are larger on the bigger ASUS. So it's visibly less crisp than my 24 inch Samsung, which has the same resolution. The whites are slightly more crisp on the Samsung too. But, for the money, it's really great. I give it a 100% rating.
I got the monitor tonight, and holy cow. In a word, stunning. To be sure, anything new is a vast improvement over our old 19" Dell from 2006, but this is just...WOW.
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I got the monitor tonight, and holy cow. In a word, stunning. To be sure, anything new is a vast improvement over our old 19" Dell from 2006, but this is just...WOW.
Great to hear! thumbsup
I've had a VH236H for ~2 years and can't say a single bad thing about it - especially for the price. I replaced a ViewSonic VX1932wm that lasted less than 18 months before dying on me. never again for a ViewSonic, but no hesitation in buying another ASUS.
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