Arent' you glad that you stockpiled oil?

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Dec 14, 2003
Los Angeles
Stockpiling oil may be viewed as an odd habit to some and if you think about it objectively it seem bizzarre to have an oil collection of 90 quarts of oil. However, if you have been to Walmart or to an auto parts store lately we oil stock pilers look like geniuses. I was in Walmart today and M1 EP was $6+ a quart. The regular M1 was almost well over $5+ a quart. No thank you. If I am going to pay this much for oil, I might as well get Redline. I have never been prouder of my oil stock pile. Last year I bought 18 quarts of M1 (12 of the regular and 6 5w-40) for $2.50/quart at Three Stooges Auto (Pep Boys) with my discount coupons.
I agree, however, I may have overdone it. After my recent inventory, (172Qts.), I find that I have enough oil and filters for at least 5 years. I'm going to have to go cold turkey. [poof]
base stock this month up again 15 cents gallon and additives 5% more again current cost to mfg sl oil about $3.00 gallon. bruce
Yeah, we give Castrol Startup a hard time (some do) and put it on death watch at Wally World, but...In the pst two weeks it's gone from $2.82 to $2.97 per bottle I've got 70 quarts of assorted dinos and synths. WHile that would last most folks a while, I am a compulsive oil changer and it won't last me more than a year and a half, I bet.
Yep. Without question. Hard to beat $1/qt Pennzoil Synth, Havoline Dino, and $1.50/qt Syntec SM, and $2.50/qt M1. I'm smiling everytime I change the oil knowing I paid as little as possible.
I haven't seen enough of a price increase yet to be proud of my oil stash. If the trend continues by next year I will most likely be proud of my cost savings when I can do an oil change for under $10 and the current cost would be more like $20.
until you get rid of the car or something happens to it and you no longer can use that grade.. oops.
Hmmm... Let's see 5w-30.. What cars can not run that? Can't afford a Vette, MB, Audi, or anything $$$$.. I'm safe... [Big Grin]
when I can do an oil change for under $10
My Corolla Oil change incl filter is under $6 and for my Chevy Truck, it's around $6 [Smile] [Happy] And well protected.. [Cool] Take care, Bill [Coffee]
I watch the prices go up and buy when I find good deals. It's getting harder to find <$1/qt oil, but they are out there. At 350+ quarts, I'm good for a long time.
I only have 5 extra quarts and one measly filter! Maybe I can wait for a sale? No, who am I kidding. This is the end folks. Now that everything has gone all to ****, I am going to pay dearly! I might even have to give up my M1 just to make ends meet. I didn't listen! I didn't listen! *sobbing*
My 190+ (lost count) stash isn't hurting a thing sitting in my cellar. Nearly every quart was bought on sale or clearance.
Every time I see 5 qt M1EP under $20, I buy every jug. Last time I did this it was $18.47 plus tax. My trucks seem to like it.
Bill: Not everyone's car can use 5/30. Lots but not all. What if you pick up a new Chrysler... 0/something factory fill on those, full synth too.. lots of 10/30 still rolling around, 5/w20 cars rolling around under warranty.. [Big Grin]
I'm glad I DON'T stockpile. Chevron Supreme is still $0.49/qt. every other ad schedule, and Pennzoil & Castrol are still $0.99/qt. as frequently. I watch myself saving all the opportunity cost and interest cost of NOT spending 5 years-worth of maintenance money up-front, I get the benefit of the newest and best technology all the time, and I can switch to something else if I want to or if a problem arises with what I have been using without having to cry over not being able to use 5 years-worth of oil. [I dont know]
Your hubris will be the end of you bullwinkle. When we are all dying from a mutated strain of bird flu, where do you think you will be able to get engine oil? NOWHERE. Bet you didn't think of that. Don't make the same mistake I did; drive to Ohio and stock up on PP @$2.50 a quart while you still can.
Every time I see 5 qt M1EP under $20, I buy every jug. Last time I did this it was $18.47 plus tax. My trucks seem to like it. This makes sense. Yesterday when I was in WalMart the five quart jug of Mobil 1 EP was $26+.
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