Are you an Oil Pundit?

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Dec 27, 2009
Someone who offers to mass media his or her opinion may be used derogatorily.

A pundit is a person who offers to mass media his or her opinion or commentary on a particular subject area on which he or she is knowledgeable or considered a scholar in said area.
FWIW. The word "pundit" has been around longer than Wikipedia and telephones.
Nice idea for a thread starter.
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It used to be the person that was called upon to provide opinion/expertise.

Wasn't derogatory when I was a kid.

(note that should be child, as kids are offspring of goats)
I've been called a lot of things by my employees (mostly behind my back) and arrest-ees (typically to my face), most all of which are unfit to be repeated here on BITOg.
But never a pundit.
Our press is nothing BUT pundits. Especially the clowns talking about guns as if they are experts. Then oil or satellites come up in the news - something I know just a little about, same talking expert pundits. Just talking, words coming out - but pure vapidity at BEST, usually almost always wrong. Ridiculous. And most listeners don't even know.
When the media wants to talk to someone about motor oil, they talk to whatever local mechanic they can find, who usually doesn't know much about the topic. They should seek out a BITOGer, and we could bore the reporter to death.
I've been known to give quotes and articles to a few "mainstream media" (with regard to motorcycles) outlets about motorcycle lubricants.
IMO, there are "pundits" and "pontificaters"....sometimes that could be the same thing and other times they're mutually exclusive.

I would agree with the idea that a pundit is not necessarily a derogatory term, but in the social media era it probably is used that way more often than just a descriptive term for someone with an opinion. It seems there's more of a polarizing "us and them" component to the term than in decades past independent of whether that person knows the subject matter or doesn't.
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