Are they stopping production for Mobil1 0w20?

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Feb 10, 2006
Ontario, Canada
I just went to get some oil today from my local Canadian Tire in Ontario. I noticed there were only 4 bottles left of M1 0w20 and right behind the 0w20 are 5w20 M1. Did they stop making the 0w20? I like to keep using 0w20 because I was told they are better for winter conditions in Canada. Even thought my mazda3 recommands 5w20.
I don't think there is a big market for the 0W20 and therefore they keep less in stock. My local Candian Tire only keeps about ten on hand and orders more when they are gone. I just noticed today my local Walmart has begun stocking Penzoil Platinun 0W20. That may be another option for you.
Last time I went to get Mobil 1 for our Honda Odyssey I noticed it was 5w-20 now. I wondered if they just relabeled the same oil because of buyer resistance to something other than what the oil fill cap says or if there was a slight reformulation. Either way, I figure both are excellent oils for both our Honda and my 2 sons' Civic and Ranger. In our mild climate we don't need a 0w oil.
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