Are there anymore PAO 5w-50 OTC oils?

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Yeah Oz, look at Mobil 1's Website under "Global" or "Europe" and see what they have over there....a M-1 5-40 and 5-50!
Hah!, Mobil is a joke. I didn't know they made 5w50. I wonder what thier customers would have thought if they saw their NA website a while back. Because I just looked for it and they changed it. In one of the FAQs it mentioned why they make 15w50 instead of 5w50 and it said they did testing and something about 5w50 being inferior and not lasting as long due to extreme range in the grades. Also I realized why Mobil can't admit that 0w30 and 5w30 are less durable than 10w30 like Red Line can (in other thread). This is also evidenced by their other actions. Because they are basically puppets of the EPA and Auto manufacturers(i.e. GM). "You mean you are recommending a less durable oil for my engine!?" "who told you that" "mobil" "looks like someones contract won't be renwewed" Because of their treatment of those matters and avoiding answering of questions like customer is stupid is one of the reasons I quit using it in my car.
So Jason.....Enquiring minds want to know.....If you stopped using Mobil, what did you go to? If it is available OTC I would be very interested in it. No Chevron available up here but I see Chevron Texaco Havoline in the Autozone while the Equilon is still at the Walmart. RW
The entire drivetrain in my car is Red Line and will be for rest of it's lifespan (however, still pending my analysis results--I do have an open mind). BUT, I have Mobil-1 in engine,tranny,diff of my girlfriend's GMC Jimmy. Feel free to do this to me: [Dummy!] [Smile] Because AFAIK, M1 is the last OTC "real" synthetic. So I don't have many other choices for her car. I was contemplating Red Line also... I guess there is always AMSoil, but there's a few things I don't like about them either. I think I may try 2 analysis with the SS then try Red Line. Yes Bob we know synthetic doesn't mean it is necessarily better. [Smile] But I have a hard time believing any dino or blend can attain the cleanliness of synth. And I don't want to have to use something like Auto-rx every so often. I also feel the other advantages of synth are important to me.
Thanks Jason, Would not think of any dissention between fellow suckers (IL is the sucker state, right? Thats the only way I can explain the bs we put up with.) You are sure right about M1 cleanliness. I bought a truck with 67K miles on it (GMC305) The guides were shot but I went to M1 right away. At 97 K I had the valve covers off to see if the return passages were plugged and have them blown down. the heads were covered with sludge which was deeply eroded and looked like the badlands of South Dakota. At about 150K I had the covers off again to adjust the lifters and the tops of the heads were clean enough to eat off of. The truck now has 214 on it and my son is driving it. I got a new one this Feb. Regards, RW
Torco makes synthetic 5w-50 racing oil that is all group IV and V basestocks. You may be able to find it OTC at motorcycle accessory shops.
Yes Bob we know synthetic doesn't mean it is necessarily better. But I have a hard time believing any dino or blend can attain the cleanliness of synth. And I don't want to have to use something like Auto-rx every so often. I also feel the other advantages of synth are important to me. Couple of things I'd like to point out. One, I wasn't going to say anything but since you used my name, I just couldn't resist. I can understand you being a disbeliever. I learned along time that you compare apples to apples and in the case of Schaeffers, they are not to be compared to a dino as they are a specialized oil not a conventional OTC oil therefore you should expect more than just what a standard dino will do. And that is just the case, it does. I'm switching to a dino molybond 15w40 Schaeffers oil this next oil change and compare it with our blend just for the purpose of demonstrating the differences. We have already established our blend can withstand extended drains to the degree with most synths and even our molybond dino has shown some extended drain results, but for the record, by my switching over to the dino, this will demonstrate how much difference there is between a dino base oil and a dino base oil with about 28%PAO(schaeffers blend). I suspect you'll find very little difference. Yeah I know, it can't be possible, no way, and all that jazz. AGAIN, let me state, THIS IS NOT A STANDARD OIL, but a SPECIALIZED OIL, and I expect more out of it than just what you'll find OTC. Now, another thing, Have you seen ANYWHERE on here or other places, where someone that had been running Schaeffers, has had to use Auto rx in their engine? I haven't. Again, this is what I expect. But, to go one further, I did try auto rx in my engine. I had no results in it as I expected. I had been running schaeffers ever since I first got the vehicle,.. 1st oil change did the 131 neutra purge(cause I had no idea of what was in it prior) and then changed over. Had been running Schaeffers well over 10,000+ miles when I tried the auto rx just to see if I could find any debre in the filter, and oil analysis established the same basic results to what my prior 4 analysis showed...So in conclusion, there was no debre and no noticable change on the analysis that I could see. Now, does this mean auto rx doesn't work? I don't think so. Like many have found out, Some situations are great canidates for this treatment where as mine wasn't. It may have made some difference in my emmissions but I didn't test for that so it just means I didn't need it. You cannot clean something out that isn't there. So pleaseeee, don't even associate Schaeffers as to haveing to be cleaned out by auto rx just because it isn't a full synth. I am courious though, just exactly what else does your full synth provide that you think Schaeffers doesn't other than a "good feeling" that you have a full synth in your engine?
Yes it is a hard pill to swallow, but I do believe you. Mobil-1 doesn't really give me many "good feelings" nowadays. I did not know about Schaeffer's either when I put it in. I am strongly considering Schaeffer's for her car. However I feel at the very least I need the shear stability of Red Line for my car, since I was able to shear down M1. There is other advantages to Red Line but I make no money endorsing it and they have a great website and I want to go home (internet not hooked up yet [Smile] ) so I won't explain it all. I would like to finish up this first 7500mi run of SS on her car and then do another...both with analysis, so I at least have something to compare to. Most likely I WILL switch to SCHAEFFER's after that, with analysis over same mileage.
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