Are there any xxW-30 CI-4+ diesel oils?

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Apr 17, 2003
Chicagoland, IL USA
Just doing some more digging on this, and went over to Chevron's website and looked at their DELO 400 line. For dino 10W-30 (and 10-50 straight grades), they have the following product data sheet: PDS for Chevron DELO 4000 10-30 7 10-50 straight weights. I also found a synthetic (no idea if that's group 3, or really real group 4 and/or 5 guess it's group 3) 0W-30, which would be ideal IMHO, and it's PDS (along with the synthetic 5W-40) is here: PDS for synthetic DELO 400 0W-30 and 5W-40. It looks, according to these two links, that neither of the xxW-30 DELO 400's are CI-4+ rated, however - interestingly - the dino 10W-30 is CI-4 rated, where the synthetic 0W-30 is only CG-4 rated? I thought that was strange, but that's what their own PDS says... It looks like so far, looking at the Chevron alternatives, I'd be going with the dino 10W-30 DELO's even closer to the viscosity range I was looking at...the synthetic 0W-30 is very thin, 10.3 cSt at 100 C, whereas the dino 10W-30 is 11.1 cSt at 100C. I'll do some more searching in the days to come... Chuck
I've heard that Advance Auto Parts carries 10w30 HDEOs, so you might check there. The easiest and most cost effective compromise might be Shell ROTELLA® T Synthetic 5W40 from someplace like Walmart. It has some pretty good cold flow properties for a Xw40 HDEO.
My local walmart sells 10w30 rotella diesel oil by the quart. However it will probably be hit or miss. 5w40 would be great in that motor year round.
Thanks G-Man II, SSDude, 427Z06, Schism, Lance for the suggestions! k1xv, I'm just a little far from the border... [Smile] I want to stay away from any real (group 4 and/or 5) synthetics - not because I'm against them, not at all - it's just that this thing to my knowledge doesn't leak oil to any real degree right now...and I'd like to keep it that way because it's probably going to get sold. If I knew I was going to be able spend some time and miles with it, I'd do a short run of fresh oil to clean it out, swap it with a dino xxW-30 diesel, and do 2 Auto-RX runs on the thing....and then go to a synthetic 5W-40 or Amsoil 5W-30 HDD as mentioned by some here. The reality though is that this thing is probably going to get sold...and when people come looking, them seeing the black oil in there doesn't bode well for price haggling. I always look at the oil aisle in Wally World when I'm there...and I've never seen a xxW-30 diesel, I'll make sure to start checking Menards when I move back up the Chicagoland area (none around here down by St. Louis that I've seen). Thanks all! Chuck
Just wondering, are there any xxW-30 CI-4+ rated diesel oils out there? My grandfather has left behind an older 1978/79/80 (somewhere in there, can't remember) F-150, with the original 460 in it, and last time I was there, it really needed an oil change. My thought was that a 30 weight deisel oil might be preferable to the PCMO SM rated oils that are common, due to the diesel oil's have higher add rates of ZDDP that I think the older 460 would rather like. Anyone know of anything like this? All I see are the xx-40 oils... Chuck
Well, I went and checked out Pennzoil's website, and found the following: Pennzoil Long-Life 10W-30: Pennzoil Long-Life PDS Manual PDS search for 10W-30 Long-Life As far as the detailed specs go, they are the same for the 15W-40 and 10W-30 at least, however, the latter one is like 2 years newer, and lists at least the new CI-4+ spec, w/ only the 15W-40 meeting it. Next, we have Shell Rotella: Shell ROTELLA T Multigrade 10W-30 And Shell ROTELLA T Synthetic-Blend 10W-30 So, basically, Shell also does not have a CI-4+ rated xxW-30 diesel oil... On to Mobil, Castrol, and Valvoline... Anyone know if the smaller blends like Schaeffer's have CI-4+ xxW-30's? Chuck
If you are selling, then why not use the cheapest oil in the first change, like supertech 10w 30? as a flushing oil, drive it a day or two, then put in the diesel motor oil.
Hajoca- Most likely, that's what I'd do...probably something like dino Havoline 5W-30 (no Chevron Supreme around here) and maybe some of the Valvoline oil booster stuff or whatever it is, run that at least a few hours, and then dump that while really hot and then put in the xxW-30 diesel and Auto-RX to start the first clean cycle. That's if we were going to keep it....more than likely, we won', I just want it to have some good oil in it for nastogla sake, and so the new owner has a good fill in it....and Yeah, also so when he checks the dipstick, it's not black. Chuck
Checked out the Castrol site (which also appears to be the BP site?): CASTROL ELIXION 5W-30 CASTROL TECTION EXTRA 10W-30 Both of these are CI-4 rated, not CI-4+ rated. Interestingly, the 5W-30 is the first 5W 30 weight diesel oil I've found so far, except for Amsoil's 5W-30 HDD... Castrol does say it's synthetic though...although, they don't say if it's a group 4 and/or 5 like the Amsoil probably is, or if it's Group 3. Chuck
1 question on the Amsoil: I'm thinking the Amsoil 15W-40 blend is probably some form of dino w/ some % of group 4 and/or 5...can anyone confirm that? The 10W-30 looks nice...except I'm not going to go synthetic in this w/o an Auto-RX program performed first. If we do keep this thing, and it starts getting driven enough where an Auto-RX program can realistically be done, the Amsoil 5W-30 HD or the synthetic DELO 400 0W-30 look to be like really nice lubes. Chuck
The blend doesn't have any Group 5 in it as far as I know, other than perhaps a tiny amount in one of the additives. I don't know the mix ratios. Few people try this oil, but those who do really like it. It's a Group II-III-IV blend as far as I can tell. I'm going to run the 10W-30ACD in my Volvo. I'll do UOA on that one.
chucky2 use Chevron Delo straight 30 wt. As far as diesel oils go...the trend is going away from zddp additives that help old engines like the 460 live. With the new diesel catalatic converters the OEM's are telling the oil companies to get away from that terrible zddp:) Heck, I would just use a 10-40 in that 460? If you want a good additive for the engine... look at Speciality Formulations additives for older engines from MolaKule. That engine should live well on a good SL oil, but with the above longer.
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