Are all 0w30 Group IV?

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Hard to read the price...S$30 per 4 litre bottle?

Is SPC considered a top quality company? Equal or better than Caltex, BP/Castrol, etc.?

Wasn't U.S. Castrol 0W-30 made from Group III base oil?


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This PAO/GP III stuff is not an "either or" proposition ...

Many synlubes use 20%-30% PAO and 70%-80% GP III, along with some ester in order to achieve the required high/low temp performance at the lowest price per quart to formulate. Some of the Castrol synthetics use this approach, particularly something like their 5w-50 grade.

Any 0w-30 or 0w-40 will tend to have at least 30% PAO in order to get the required low temp properties. So a typical oil might be 30% PAO/55% GP III/15% PE ....

Here in Canada we have 0-30 "blends" at Can. Tire...would this be a Group II/III mix?

Originally posted by Dr. T:
Here in Canada we have 0-30 "blends" at Can. Tire...would this be a Group II/III mix?

With Canadian Tire you never know, do you? I had heard they were getting Esso to rebrand the EssoLube XD-3 0W-30, which is a HD diesel oil. Esso claims to use a PAO mix.

If that's the case, should be good oil. I used to use Esso XD-3 Extra 15W-40 summer and XD-3 Extra 0W-30 Artic winter before I switched to Delvac 1.

Originally posted by Dr. T:
Ken, does that say "A1" on the back of the bottle?

Yes it is A1. Vis@100C of 9.9 cSt. Im quite disappointed with Castrol SLX A3, it's giving me poor fuel economy, so Im going to switch to this SPC at my next oil change.
Just received the missing specs from SPC. Can anyone guess how much Group IV is in it now?


Dear Kenneth,

Thank you very much for buying SPC Syn Ace Max SAE 0W30.

Regarding your inquiries, please find below are the replies:

Pour Point: -42 deg C, typical.

Flash Point: 220 deg C,typical.

HTHS: 2.9 cP at 150 deg C.

Please feel free to call or write to me should you have any further inquiries.


Best regards,
Khoo Sze Wee
Singapore Petroleum Company
DID: 66621166
Email: [email protected]


Originally posted by Motorbike:
Have you seen the Pennzoil Long Life HD 0w-30 Synthetic Blend " PAO " in 4 liter packaging where you live ?

It's a SL-CH-4 rated diesel with good data that would be neat to try .

I am currently using this oil in one of my vehicles and I am very happy with it so far. From the MSDS it appears to have 45-55% PAO and 25-35% group II+ making up the blend. It also has a HTHS of 3.45 and a viscosty of 11.8 cSt at 100 C.

The only negative about this oil is that it can be hard to come by. Luckily, I have a Pennzoil dealer nearby that stocks the oil. I haven't seen it on anyone else's shelves yet. At the price of other lesser blend oils, I think this oil offers great bang for the buck.
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