Applicability of Rotella 5w-40 Synthetic

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Jan 18, 2004
Shelby, NC
Got a question for you guys. I have heard that the new M1 5w-40 is rebadged Delvac 1, which is a diesel oil. Now I can't find M1 SUV oil here is western NC, but I have access to Shell Rotella 5w-40 synthetic. My question is would this oil work well in a 2000 Trooper (3.5 liter, 58K) and a 1994 Nissan 4x4 (3.0, 98k)? It gets quite hot here in NC, and I drive quite a bit to PA and AL on the interstate in both vehicles so I like the 40wt. I also change at 3k since both vehicles get mostly short trips (4 miles each way or less). Just want to know the group consensus. I have Havoline 10w-30 in both at the present time.
Based on the UOA's I've seen, Rotella T synth. is a very good oil. As biased as I am towards synthetic, if you do lots of highway miles and 3k mile changes, a good mineral oil should serve you well.
I was wondering about that also. I have a 2003 Durango with a 4.7 liter motor. They reccommend 5w30 or 10w30. I have been using M1 since new. I have found out that Pep Boys near me has Lot's of Rotella 15w40. Would this be a good substitute? I have been reading the benefits of the diesel oil and I am thinking of trying it after I hear from some experts here! Thanks in advance.
Rotella's 15W40 is *not* a synthetic last time I checked. Rotella in 15W40 is probably a decent diesel engine oil (I used it in my old Benz) but don't confuse it with a synthetic.
The good thing about HDEOs (Heavy Duty Engine Oils) though, is that they have better additive packages than your run-of-the-mill gas engine conventional motor oil. Also, because the viscosity spread is lower with a 15W40 than a 5W30, the oil will shear out of viscosity much more slowly than almost (?) any truly conventional 5W30. Finally, big truck engines use even the conventional HDEOs for extended drain intervals, albeit under highly different circumstances.

Originally posted by TomJones76:
Rotella's 15W40 is *not* a synthetic last time I checked.

Good info for most of the post. I just wanted to point out that they're talking about the Rotella 5w-40 which is, supposedly, a synthetic (Group III).
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