API designations

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Nov 6, 2002
Mississauga / Ontario
Anyone care to lead me to a site/article/thread explaining the different API designations, starting with SA. I'd like to learn a little about the past designations to better understand the current ones.

I've done a quick search and came up empty-handed.

Perfect, thank you.

Now... Anyone care to explain, in layman terms, the possible downsides of running an SH rated oil as opposed to an SL? My engine is from a model year '92, so compatibility is not an issue.

Thank you,
Here's the actual info from the API.

My concern about running an actual SH oil right now would be the vintage of the oil. If you have any that's only labeled API SH (no SJ or SL in the API 'donut'), it's bound to be quite old as the SH spec is a bit of a dinosaur. Shelf life is a shifty subject but I personally err on the side of avoiding really old oil. SL oils are prevalent and inexpensive and will work well in your car.
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