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Mar 5, 2003
A while back a guy in a post talked about how he was using air pressure to remove additional motor oil during an oil change. He said that he would attach an air hose to the dipstick hole, plug up any possible areas for air escape, and remove an extra half quart to full quart of dirty oil. Anybody hear anything else about this? Would it help remove any sludge in the engine?
Well, the last oil change I did on my car I tried the forced air option. After the oil came to a slow drip from the pan, I blew (by mouth - not air compressor) into the oil fill hole and noticed that the oil went from a slow drip to a steady pour. I repeated this several times to the same effect. Also note I did NOT place my lips on the engine in any way> [No no] I just don't now if I would pressurize the inside of an engine that way. I understand that an engine is under some sort of crankcase pressure (through the PCV valve and all) but I can't imagine it is more than 2-5 psi. To put 30+ psi into the engine might be detrimental? Tim
Upon posting my last reply I discovered that I am in the small engine group and not in the car/truck group. sorry (it is 01:30am - kinda tired [I dont know] Tim
Wait a minute...Now after posting my last post appologizing about being in the small engine group, I re-read youe origional post. With all but the largest "small" engines having one to one and a half quart capacities, how is he getting anextra half to full quart out?? Thats it, I'm done for the night. This'll teach me to be on the forum this early in the morning....back to work. Tim
Originally posted by Tim_Z: Also note I did NOT place my lips on the engine in any way> [No no] Tim
Yes but did you in any way breathe in the vapors from the oil? Used oil containes Benzene and is known to cause cancer. I would not do that again if I were you. Both the oil and the vapor from the Oil is bad for you. Notice the next time you check your dipstick smell the oil it will smell different than oil in the bottle, that is from the effects of combustion.
No, when I inhale to blow air into the engine, I don't do it right above the oil fill cap. Hey, you first said not to inhale the vapors then you said I should inhale the vapors. [Wink] Besides, the only way YOU know oil smells different is in fact you have also smelled the oil. It's not like I have a used oil fetish where I go around trying to smell used oil. geesh. Of course you do not know me but I just wanted to set the record straight. I do not want the used oil police knocking on MY door. In all seriousness thanks for the warning. Tim
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