Anything better than Redline 5W30 for Canadian winter?

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Feb 4, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
I went 2 winters with Redline 5W30 in my car's crankcase. Still, with a pour point of "only" -45 I was worried that the oil would be really thick on some of the coldest days, and I was worried about my wear metals (I'm an oil nut! [Razz] ) I saw Gundam2000's posting at;f=6;t=000720;p=2#000046 and clearly I am more concerned than him. (PM on the way Gundam!) I am thinking of going with NEO 0W5 for December through March (2004) but saw postings where respected oil guru's like MoleKule and VaderSS said they wouldn't run it in a street engine. NEO's emails to me infers or states that the oil is good to go for Nascar racing on a hot day, for extended drains, and for typical cars in US summertime. I'm sure it'll be $20 CDN a quart by the time it gets to me; perhaps an added heater would be a better use of $100? Anyone use that NEO 0W5, or can think of other really good oils for a Canadian winter, please post or contact me. (Thanks, Patman, for the PM's on the issue) Also: Redline 5W30 has a CCS Poise rating of 33 at -25 C. How good is that? Might an oil company post at -25 because they know it's way downhill at -30 or colder? I think I read that 'borderline pumpability' is where the CCS Poise rating is like 30,000 (?) and I like that rating WAY more than pour point. In case I have this wrong; pour point is the temp at which the oil gets tipped 5 degrees of incline and yet does not move? Is that not correct? Well, that's interesting but not too practical or 'real-world' unless I'm missing something. Is there a site somewhere that shows how oils / lubrication systems are impacted at -40? -20? Do any other Canadians fret about wear when it's winter? Thanks! Rob
R-T-O-N, I don't see how you can go wrong with M1 0W-40, or Castrol (German) or Amsoil 0W-30s. I had great performance out of M1 0W-30 over an 18 month use period (included 2 Colorado winters which are not as severe as yours, but cold nonetheless) and I don't think it is even the best of the Zeedubs.
I think probably the best cold weather oil you're gonna find will be the 0w30 Castrol. I don't think Redline's 5w30 would flow nearly as well on the coldest day of the year in Winterpeg! [Smile]
I think you are worried about nothing. I doubt that anything else is going to work any better then what you are already running. The alternatives listed above are all resonable. I think you might want to see signs of failed protection before makeing a switch.Do you do alot of cranking in temps below -25 F? I ask because I live in MI and have never had problems running M110W30 let alone a 5W30! I can not imagine needing a 0W30!
From what I've read of it, and from discussing the oil on the phone with NEO (who claim, BTW, it is their best selling motor oil), the 0W5 would be my first recommendation for anyone living in a climate like Rob's. Just because NEO is a small player in the oil industry does not mean they can't turn out a first class product or a product that trumps the competition (my feeling in this case). Besides, it would be fun to take a look at a couple UOA's on this stuff! Heck, we just need someone to be the first to give it a try! [Wink] (P.S. As soon as my Redline is all gone, the NEO is the next thing going into the crankcase--but that won't be for another year or so. [Frown] ) [ July 19, 2003, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: Rexman ]
Originally posted by JohnBrowning: I can not imagine needing a 0W30!
I can't get the thoughts of the bitter cold out of my mind, maybe I'll go to the beach, that has GOT to help [Big Grin] I'm only thinking of the very few worst days. I greatly appreciate all the replies. I don't know why it didn't register until I saw Rexman's comment "As soon as my Redline is all gone" but I have a case of it still so as JohnBrowning pointed out, I have no evidence that Redline is inadequate, might as well stick with it. In trying to see what kind of benefit I'd get from maybe switching, I came across some figures that I do NOT understand: Redline 5W30: CCS Viscosity, Poise 33 @ -25°C Mobil 1 with SuperSyn (TM) 0W-30 Cold Cranking, cP @ °C 3,800 cP @-35°C AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 0W-30 Motor Oil (TSO) Cold Crank Simulator Apparent Viscosity 2993 cP@ -30°C (ASTM D 2602) Borderline Pumping Temperature -40 °C (°F) (ASTM D3829) All impressive but I don't understand [Confused] Can someone help me interpret / understand? THANKS! Rob-the-oil-nut
Oil Grade Maximum Viscosity (cp) 0W 6200@-35C 5W 6600@-30C Rob - this may help - but I agree it seems that all the companies post selected temps, so it makes comparisons difficult! [ July 19, 2003, 03:23 PM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
Mobil 1 0w-20. I think Johnbrowning is right though, any of them are fine. [ July 19, 2003, 04:09 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
The CCS numbers will be roughly the same for any particular grade regardless of oil type. That said, a synthetic will provide an additional cushion of flexability before solidifying. By default, a 10w needs to qualify down to -20 - -25C. A 5w down to -25 - -30 C and a 0w down to -30 - -35C. How cold does it get in Winnipeg anyways? In Toronto last winter we only hit -22.5C one morning...I know because I was changing a flat tire...and this is what it said on my dash temp. guage. I'm postulating, below -35C.....have a block heater turned on! So your best bet is probably a 0w if you're that concerned. eg. M-1 0-40, 0-30 or German Syntec 0-30.
Originally posted by Dr. T: The CCS numbers will be roughly the same for any particular grade regardless of oil type....have a block heater turned on!
JB had a good point, I have no real proof that Redline wasn't fully adequate. I plug my car in at work because it's free and on a computer / timer, it's only on 100% of the time if it's below -30, which is maybe 9 nights of the year but it feels like over 3 months [Embarrassed] Seriously, it's not that bad, I'm just really wanting to get all the life out of that engine & trans as possible. [Off Topic!] What makes a paint job last 300,000 miles? I'm surprised there wasn't more discussion of the NEO. Oh, well, I have several months to plan know what they say, the wise man buys a straw hat in winter... Thanks again, all of you! Rob
I am either going to run Redline or Delvac 1 5W40 this winter in my new car. The old car is going to get cheap Chevron 10W30.
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