Anyone watching Itchy Boots adventures on YouTube?

Apr 6, 2015
Upper midwest
I just started watching her 1/4 way through Season 6. I love sticking the screen in 4K and see some nice outdoor scenery. I sure would not risk going through Cartel country, like she did.That women has some balls on her.
I've been watching her since she started out three years ago in India, on a Royal Enfield. She puts a decent effort into the editing, and like you said, always features some stunning scenery. She does her homework to avoid the most dangerous areas, but yeah, sometimes goes places that has me shaking my head.
I tried watching it before but never got into it... I may give it another go..
Been watching "Ride to Food" and "As the Magpie Flies" , they have some good content.
Ride to Food in Yellow Stone Park , got me into that series.
Talking about Itchy Bootks aka Noraly. I have been trying my best to figure out the timeline regarding her 2nd RE bike aka Dhanno but something is not computing as far as I am concerned. That bike got stuck in Peru (Last Episode of Season 2 April 10, 2020) due to Covid and NoraLy had to get it shipped from Peru and when the bike finally ended up in Holland after many many months, it was pretty much destroyed and her next voyage was on a Honda.

But here is her bike in the Episode "A tragic day that affected my family", aired on May 29, 2020, where she is driving the same colored RE Himalayan as her Dhanno. I do not know if she talked about the 3rd Himalayan bike either in YouTube or on her blog on her site. May be she was borrowing from the same Dutch dealer who did the swap of the Basanti for the Dhanno.

(NEVER MIND; found the video explaining the "Lima" aka NOT Dhanno NOR Basanti)

REGARDLESS, I am completely enthralled with her videos. I have promised myself that I will do at least 0.1% of her motor cycle touring somwhere in the world (India, Oman, Turkey, Georgia or Greece). Heck, I even test rode the RE Himalayan just couple weeks ago after getting myself refreshed on a Nonja 400! I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable on the Himalayan if I ever manage to rent/purchase when I visit India.

Talking about motorcycle vlogs in exotic places, you should not miss "Ride With Frenchy" on youtube. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. You guys know me, I don't hawk junk here :)

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Ive watched her but not lately. I think i even posted some links to some of her electric motorcycle videos.

She's better than most on the tube of you.