Anyone Using Partial Mixes with Redline Oils....

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
I'm currently running Mobil1 10w-30 in a turbocharged application, daily driven car. I would really like to run Redline oil but this car calls for relatively short oil change intervals of 3000 miles. I dont want to get into a ****** match with the manufacturer as its tough enough getting them to fix obvious defects, I would hate to see their response if a major motor part let go and I exceeded the oil change intervals. A full Redline oil change is just too much $$$$ for short intervals. I was thinking of dumping in one bottle (quart) of Redline 10w-30 with 4 quarts of Mobil1 10w-30 , to get some of the robust AW's that Mobil1 is lacking, as well as the high quality esters. Anyone see a problem with this, or dead set against it ?. I know the correct response is likely to be "use 100% Redline or none of it at all " but I think there are some benefits to getting some Redline in the engine. All opinions welcome , thanks ! Joey [ March 29, 2004, 06:00 PM: Message edited by: 59 Vetteman ]
thanks for the replies, I've been debating whether to go to a 40 weight. The manufacturer recommends 30 weight only, its a new car with less than 4000 miles on it to date, not sure if I should run a 40 weight for daily driver. I might consider it though.
Ontario Canada, you probably won't need it. 40 weight is great if you live in the Southern Arizona where we see summer temps of 115 dF. You won't see that kind of heat. Although, D5W40 is great for turbocharged engines, A good 0W30 may suit you best. [ March 29, 2004, 07:37 PM: Message edited by: Grossomotto ]
I would stay with Mobil 1 or use their 0w-30 R oil. Not sure why many havn't jumped on this oil. It's loaded with ZDP and already has Mobil's great SS additive package. Synergyn 3w-30 is another great option.
yes I agree that a 40 weight is on the thick side, particularly for my new engine. So I probably won't venture into Mobil's 40 weight products. I'd be all over the Mobil1 R formula but it might be light years before it gets up here, I cant even find their 0w-30 or 0w-40 weights in these parts - damn country !. Synergyn sounds like a great product but it costs just as much as Redline up here last time I checked with the local distributor.
so anyone recommend a mixture of Redline and Mobil1 to help increase the AW's . I've got a question into Dave at Redline, hope to hear what he has to say on it.
I'm not qualified to recommend mixing Redline and Mobil 1 (or any other oil for that matter [Smile] ) I ran a mix of Redline 5W30 (3 quarts) and Mobil 1 Trisyn 5W30 for about 7K miles this winter. I had three quarts of each left over circa 1996 or 1997 vintage. This "brew" went into my daily driver (retired from duty '99 Police Interceptor Crown Vic 4.6L). Seem to work just fine. No oil analysis (I thought about it but figured what's the point -- Redline gives weird results especially on the first fill plus I wouldn't lose any sleep if this motor blew up tomorrow). Anyhow, this "brew" seemed to work fine. In my case I was just trying to use up some old oil. The motor loved this brew on the real cold mornings. Fired right up and made non of the usually noises it makes in the winter on a cold start! (maybe the moly???? who knows?)
If you search the UOA subforum using the word "soup" you may find someone who used a weird concoction of Red Line, Amsoil, Mobil 1, etc ... It was posted in late 2002, early 2003 I believe. He called this homebrew "soup" in the subject line ... and actually got very good results. [Big Grin] --- Bror Jace
I wouldn't practice this on a normal basis. Unless your a qt or two short and you have run out of your supply, there is NO reason to mix oils. It's not that simple. The smallest changes can effect performance. There really is no benefit as I see it. [ April 05, 2004, 04:53 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
got a reply from Dave at Redline today. He recommended sticking with the manufacturers mileage recommendation which is 3000 miles, and said he didnt see a problem mixing Redline with Mobil1. I might try it as an experiment as I'm running straight Mobil1 right now. Would be a cool comparison. Joey
Originally posted by Idrinkmotoroil: so anyone recommend a mixture of Redline and Mobil1 to help increase the AW's . I've got a question into Dave at Redline, hope to hear what he has to say on it.
The day Dave suggests using RL and M1, that's the day I go back to other words, it'll never happen............ "due to additive clash and M1 being an inferior oil and bla bla bla" [Roll Eyes]
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