Anyone used Mystik motor oil?

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Feb 5, 2003
Anyone used Mystik JT8 motor oil? At the local farm store the other evening, while my wife looked at rose bushes, I wandered to the back of the store and took in the complete line of Mystik (Citgo) lubricants they carried. Grease, gear oil, motor oil, they had it all ... I bought a two gallon jug of JT8 15w-50 SJ mineral oil for about $10 for the spring oil change in my Jaguar AJ6. They had a synthetic blend 15w-50 SJ but it was in quart bottles only ... Win
They also offer a 10/30 PAO blend but I have not used it. A guy I know back when Cato Oil Co owned Mystik Branded Products ran a 1989 302 Ford over 200k with the 10/30 Mystik,,all was well when sold.
Win, I am using Mystic JT-8 10W30 Heavy Duty Diesel in my tractor. I was using Rotella before, but had a hard time finding 10W30... The Mystic seems to work just fine in the winter temperatures as I was out plowing yesterday, and according to the Product Data Sheets has respectable Spec's.. such as TBN etc... The Blend you mention is the SX-8 Dealers do carry that in the two gallon jug as well but only in the 15W40... If you are interested in a comparison's to other heavy duty CF-4 oils, you can go to the "" site...go to oil/lubrication forum, look for the Thread Topic "Diesel Spec's" I posted an excel spread sheet up a couple of months ago (with some help to have it work on the site) with just about every diesel oil I could find info on.... It will give you a comparison on the mfgr.s data... Citgo is owned by the Venezualan Oil company PDVSA , not sure if they are having issues due to the strike down there....
What is suppose to be the difference b/t the Mystik motor oils and the Citgo Supergard? Does anyone understand if they are blended with different base stock or additive packages - or just marketed to a different segment? For example, the Mystik seems to be sold more through Farm/Ranch type retailers.
I've never used their motor oil, but I was introduced to Mystic gear oil when I worked for an oil field trucking yard back in 75-76. According to the shop foreman, it made a *huge* difference in the longevity of the gearboxes in their trucks- transmissions, differentials, and the winch drive boxes, with those big bronze($$!) gears. It kept the transmission & rear end in my old Volvo 122S working quiet & smooth from then until I sold it in fall 97, probably still working today. Back then, it was made & sold by Cato Oil & Grease Co. & advertised "polymer chemistry", whatever that meant. Looked like cherry snow-cone syrup. [Big Grin]
cressida, This farm store had supergaurd also, 5/30, 10/30, and 10/40 - mineral oil only, no blends. Citgo is probably the most common gasoline brand around here, but their lubricants are almost non-existent - even in their gas stations ... On the face of it, the Mystik would seem to be a different product - the supergaurd oils were all SL rated, the Mystik oils were SH or SJ, and then all the diesel ratings, unless they have just neglected to update the labels. Win
Win, Those CAS#'s are PAO's. Here is another if you ever run across it. 68171-46-0 Take back and exchange? Shoot yeah I would. [Smile] Sometimes though it's on sale for less here.I forget the exact sale price at Atwoods which is a Farm type store chain here in Oklahoma
The Mystik SX and JT series are sold all over the midwest in farming and ranching stores, and at tractor supply houses. They are known for their low price and HD service. Farmer's and ranchers out here buy it by the 5-gallon pail. Interestingly (maybe no real suprise), the Citgo motor oil products usually sit on the opposite side of the isle from these bulk containers of tractor oils and GL's. I used to use their ATF in Wood Splitter hydraulics and tractor hydraulics until I found Schaeffer's #204S, Biggest competitor to Schaeffer's and Amsoil out here. [ February 17, 2003, 04:06 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
Drag, Thanks. CAS 68037-01-4 is polyalphaolefin is it not? The Mystik SX-8 synthetic blend 15/50 MSDS lists this at 10-30%. This stuff was $2.48/quart at the store. I may take the JT8 jugs back and exchange it for this ... The Supergard 10/30 synthetic blend MSDS lists 68037-01-4 at 1-20% What's the 1-Decene trimer, hdrogenated, CAS 68649-12-7 that is listed at 1-20%? Its been 20 years since I took organic chemistry .... Win
I am trying Mystik Motor Oil in my car. I can think of one professional mechanic (who has been a mechanic for a very long time), a former professional mechanic who now makes a lot more money doing other stuff, men involved in oil distribution, and my Dad (who is deceased) and he was a good mechanic, who all liked Mystik Motor Oil. The former mechanic who now makes a lot of money out of the mechanical field used to use Mystik Motor Oil in his race car (he told me so). The latest Mystik gasoline engine oil exceeds SL requirements; I know, I have seen the container. The detergents in the oil are supposed to be as effective as detergents in diesel engine oil and the claim is made that the oil has extra anti-oxidation capability. The only strange thing about Mystik is that it is hard to find. You usually have to go to some place that sells to ranchers and farmers. However, one mechanic told me that he likes Castrol and Valvoline but he personally has been using Mystik since 1986. He mentioned one motor oil that I am not going to name that he said caused sludge in engines. The mechanic who works on my car uses Mystik exclusively unless a person brings in a different oil. I figure it can't hurt to try a motor oil recommended by professional mechanics.
I ran it for about 15years-230K miles in my 6.2 diesel. I recently changed over to Delvac1, but only to increase the change intervals.
I've heard good things about but I've never ran it. It's all over the mom and pop auto part and agriculture part stores in my neck of the woods. Saying that I've also heard people swear Slick 50, Prolong, STP ect is the best thing since sliced bread also.
I put the 2 gallons of Mystik 15/50 mineral oil in my Xj6 last Sunday. After this first run, I think I'll try the 15/50 30% PAO blend. It had a nice, rich, caramel color coming out of the jug. I didn't think to sniff it to see if any odor was apparent. The old Supertech 5/30 mineral looked pretty thin coming out of the sump after about 3200 miles, but the engine was still pretty hot when I drained it ... Win Dooley
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