Anyone used 0w-30 in a Ford 4.0 V6 ?

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Oct 27, 2010
With the winter supposedly is going to be very cold this year Im contemplating to use a 0w-30 in the 2003 4.0 Ranger.

Anyone used that in the Ford 4.0?

Yes it works just fine, but there are plenty of 5w30 synthetics that flow like crazy at negative temperatures. Regular vanilla Mobil 1 5w30 has an excellent cold viscosity as does Pennzoil Ultra.

What 0w30 are you looking at? Some 5w30s will actually be thinner than a 0w30 until you get really negative on the temperature. You will need to look at the viscosity index and the kinematic viscosity to compare.
I noticed there are not many choices out there for a 0w-30, Even less because I dont buy any Exxon-Mobile products.(personal preference)

Liqui Moly has one as does Castrol it seems.
Originally Posted By: 123Saab
I noticed there are not many choices out there for a 0w-30, Even less because I dont buy any Exxon-Mobile products.(personal preference)

Liqui Moly has one as does Castrol it seems.

LM and Castrol are both much heavier A3/B4 oil grades.

In an OTC 0W-30 there is only one in the States and that's M1 AFE 0W-30. And in your PA climate, as has been mentioned there are 5W-30s that are likely as light on start-up. Three examples would be Pennzoil Ultra, Havoline and Formula Shell.

Of course if you engine has been back spec'd for 5W-20 then a 0W-20 would be the way to go.
The 4.0 V6 is spec'd for 5w30 unlike some other Ford engines that were back spec'd to 5w20.

I'd use a 0w30 or 5w30 synthetic in it with confidence. My friend had a 2001 Ranger with the 4.0 V6 SOHC. We ran SynPower 5w30 in it and it was extremely quiet until he sold it with over 200k on it.
Originally Posted By: michaelluscher
I used 0w-20 PP in the mechanically sorta similar 3.0 Vulcan V6, and it didn't blow up.

they aren't mechanically similar.

and the 4.0sohc was never backspec'ed to 20wt.


It replaced the Cologne 2.9 engine (to which it is not related) as the base V6 in the Ranger
the Vulcan is a straightforward pushrod design, with 2 valves per cylinder.

It was known as the "ford taurus engine"

the 4.0 sohc was based off the cologne engine.
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I would use a synthetic 5w30 and rest easy knowing it flows well at all temperatures encountered in PA. Pennzoil Ultra in my vote if you can find it.
I personally haven't, but a now-deceased member of explorerforum always used Amsoil 0W-30 in his 1999 Explorer with the 4.0L SOHC (same engine) in his quest for 30 MPG.

You don't want to use 20-weight anything in the Cologne V6s, but no problem with 0W-30.
That one would work just fine, but if one is looking at a fuel economy type 0w-30 (i.e. M1 AFE variety), then that Motorcraft 0w-30 isn't a fair comparison. Given its service category, it's HTHS will be basically on par with products like GC 0w-30 and Mobil Delvac Elite 222 0w-30.
Originally Posted By: OneEyeJack
You could try Motorcraft 0w-30 oil in your Ford. It's used exclusively by several contractors that operate Ford vehicles in Alaska.

Ford 0w-30 engine oil.

In your link Ford says:

Important note: Do not use in gasoline engines equipped with catalysts

Do they mean a regular Cat?
If you're dead against EM products, I'd use Amsoil 0W-30 SSO. Castrol SYNTEC 0W-30 is a great product and I'm running it now, but it's not energy conserving and would defeat the point in service in your vehicle. Otherwise don't bother with a 0W-30 and just use a good syn 5W-30. Havoline Deposit Shield Synthetic has excellent cold cranking specs and is on sale at Advance Auto. And I'm not sure where you're getting this is supposed to be a cold winter especially. Everything I've seen is El Nino will result in a milder one. But who knows?..
Weather bureau just announced last week another polar vortex is likely. To the OP's question, Amsoil SS 0w-30 or Mobil 1 AFE 0w-30 are your 2 best choices. You can run both of these all year, no need to change to a 5w in summer.
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