Anyone use Muriatic Acid?

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Jan 17, 2018
Chester County/Pa.
Its a beautiful day here today in my parts. Supposed to get up to 57 degrees & im looking forward to cleaning the brick on my one side of my house. The white siding has bled some down onto the brick & am wondering how muriatic acid would work mixing with water at the recommended parts to scrub/clean the brick?
Have you tried just a power washer first? That usually does the trick. It needs to be diluted a fair bit. Try 3% or 5% at first, you can always add more acid as needed to strengthen it.
I used this back when I laid brick. Approx 16oz per 4gal in a 5 gal bucket. You can always do it twice......but you only burn it once. GOGGLES are a must!!!!! Have somebody back you up. Have fresh water on hand if you get it on you OR in your eyes. This is not something to take lightly.
I have tired power washing with a good cleaner to no prevail. Thats why I was wondering about going the muriatic acid route??
1 gallon too 5 gallons don't waste your time using less I've handled this stuff for 30+ years (many times bear handed). It's not until you get to the 1-2 and 1-1 can it really effect you.
Used to use it when I had the old house with the inground pool for PH control. Also use it for cleaning bare concrete before painting, usually a quart to a couple gallons.
Poured it on my driveway once (young dumb) and started scrubbing. Not for long. I didn't dilute it and was overcome by burning in the lungs. Never did that again. It works well. Read the directions carefully. Very strong acid. Respectfully, Pajero!
Im wondering exactly what bled onto brick.Maybe test a spot(3 parts water,1 part acid MAX).Ive only used muratic acid on stains caused by mortar,concrete or thinset,after the building process.
Don't use that their are other acids check at Lowes or Home Depot It will work slower but much safer. I pressure cleaned over 20 years and muriatic acid is not safe to use even the smallest wind shift and you will not be able to breath . I use it in my swimming pool only for balance.
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