Anyone try Wallyworld ST 15W-40 oil?

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
Yes I bought some. Didn't see it in UOA....but then again who would have Walmart oil analyzed?...don't anwer that [Big Grin] Any comments on this earl? I plan on using for my final flush with Auto-Rx before going to Amsoil 15W-40.
Cut the wisecracks [Big Grin] and give me the scoop [HAIL 2 U!] .... I really haven't seen the poop on this oil (I use that term loosely)...I bought the last gallon at the Bellingham Walmart for $4, and 2 qts for kickers.... I also bought 4 FL-1A's because they are in a new ford box!!
I bought 5 quarts of SuperTech 15w-40 for use with an Auto-RX treatment on Subaru Legacy with 76K miles..... Um, it is slippery if you spill it.... Ahhhh, it is cheap... I've got 550 miles on it and the car still runs.... Don't know what to say about it. I didn't expect much from it. I'm using it purely as a vehicle for the Auto-RX. I wouldn't ever run SuperTech oil if it wasn't for a treatment like this. I hope this isn't you after reading this ! [Bang Head] regards, Greg
Anyone know how to read the codes stamped on bottom of bottles of oil? I just had my car changed over to Wally Worlds 10 w 40 as the start of going for a AutoRX treatment. While waiting I looked at some of the bottles on the shelf. Stamped on the bottom looked like the same codes as Penz 10W 40....hmmmm interesting @ $.81 a quart. One AutoRX comment. Next time you guys buy bottles, go for the ones like oil comes in now days, with the gradulated scale on the side. I probably overdosed trying to get the intended 8 oz of AutoRX put in. 3 1/2 Qt oil, so 6 Oz of "stuff" + 2 oz for the Super Tech filter.
Pablo- yes I did,thru my work,so I'll have to see if we still have the info on file.For someone like me who really sticks to a 3mo/3k change interval,you can't beat .84 a quart. When I bought the original case,it had "Quaker State Refining Company" on the shipping label,so I called QS and they said it was the same oil as Quaker State,so that's why I tried it.
I'm not taking any cheap shots at SuperTech oil. I just drive too much to do the 3000 mile changes. I'd be under my vehicles every 5-6 weeks doing oil changes. I like oil changes, just not that often. I bet anyone who sticks to the 3K changes would be fine with almost any dino. As I've posted here before, I ran 2 vehicles a combined 600,000 miles running the cheapest 10w-30 I could find, changing @ 3000 miles. I run Redline and Mobile 1 just to keep me from living under my cars now. [Patriot] [Cheers!]
Pablo, I've run all of the Super Tech grades including 15/40 without any difficulty, although I do change it at 3K intervals, or seasonally as required. The only "complaint" I would register is that I felt the 5/30 thinned a bit when I ran it in my Xj6 last Winter. The stuff that came out of Specialty was a real bargain, I think. I have a pretty good supply of the Specialty stuff laid in, and I'm going to start using Mystik once I've gone through my supply of ST. Win
Originally posted by SteveON: [I just had my car changed over to Wally Worlds 10 w 40 as the start of going for a AutoRX treatment. While waiting I looked at some of the bottles on the shelf. Stamped on the bottom looked like the same codes as Penz 10W 40.... [/QB]
Steve, The K Mart Motorvator stuff that was closed out around here for $0.50/quart had similar codes, making me think it came from the same plant as the SuperTech product. I confess to laying in quite a bit of the 10/30. Somebody beat me to the 20/50 ... Win
i would be interested in an analysis of the ST oil. i would wager it is from a major manufacturer, and is the same as their premium oil. with walmart being the 800lb gorilla, they can "request" deals that would make your head spin. as a former employee of a supplier, i can say we sold them our products so cheap, we lost the secondary markets, as mom and pop stores could buy it from walmart retail cheaper than we would sell wholesale. they also tend to have an expert on staff, who will stop any attempts to cheapen up the product. it is like making a deal with the devil. on the other hand, i shop there, chortling at what other companies are being forced into.
I think both the Motorvator and ST oils were from the Shreveport plant that is now being shut down. Motorvator bit the big one and ST will take up the extra Shell capacity from the removal of Equilon. Of course the 15W40 could be a totally different product. Warren Performance Products figures in here somewhere, but my guess is it just has a packaging contract. Warren does, however, take credit for Sears Spectrum, and oil that no one has ever tested on these boards but which I had pretty good luck with about 20 years back. The best private label IMHO is Advance Auto Parts which as far as I can tell is like Chevron/Havoline at less than 90 cents a quart. Thus: SuperTech= old Havoline (probably) in near future. Advance= new Havoline now.
Here's the Warren 15W40 Spec. There's some chance that this is the Wal-Mart product although they may just package. Perhaps the blending for all their products does come from Shreveport-- What do you think for a 15W40? Gravity 28.9 Visc. 100c. 15.7 Visc. 40c 117 Visc. Indx. 141 ccs@temp 2890@-15 Pour Point -33C Flash Point 222 C Zinc .12% Phosperous .112% Ca .268% Sulfur .51% Sulf Ash <1% Nitrogen .07% Total Acid # 2.5 TBN 9.0
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