Anyone try this?

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I always say this - if such a product did all it claimed, OEM would be putting it on all their vehicles in production. I immediately dismiss them. Do you really think the engineers, managers, and bean counters in Detroit are that clueless to these technologies?
Kestas is right. If these department managers that would sell their Grandmothers to a cathouse for a wiff of better mileage don't use these gadgets, why would we buy them?
I'm guessing another tin based system, like are really popular down here. I've an interesting paper from the "Tin Research Institute" on tin based "catalysers", which has enough stuff in it to pique my interest. However, talking to the wallys who sell tehem at fairs etc.: * does it harm my, there's not enough tin released to harm the cat. * How long does it last...600,000 km. * Does it really protect valves...yes, the tin coats the valve preventing wear (but not the cat)
I know for a fact that ECO-Systems has been doing business primarily in Texas for eight years now. After eight years you would think that a product that gets tagged as "Snake Oil" by all the NON-Believers or people who just have an "Opinion" and really know nothing of the product would have lost it's credability by now. The references they have are professionals in their fields, and have not only tested the product, but are currently using it and have been for many years. These proffesionals would NOT RISK their positions and reputation on a Snake Oil. The State of Texas with their experts in Automotive and Environmental issues would not have wasted tax monies on Snake Oils! I personally believe that if your in charge of a fleet you should be looking out for your Owners or the Taxpayers (For Government Fleets)on ways to save them MONEY! If the products do save 10 to 12 percent in costs that is a lot of money saved yearly. As for the comment on OEM's, well they don't own all the Patents on every product that is good and available, This is still America and Independant Companies have the right to do business in Freedom still without being owned by a Conglomerate. Right now with the losses they are having they are cutting costs however they can. So to show respect to the proffesionals in the reference columms that have actually tried tested, and are still using a product, I say talk to them if you want a REAL TRUE OPINION! Thanks, papa_taz
PT: [Welcome!] That said, the members here are just as entitled to their opinions. Most of us have been involved, to some degree or another, with things-automotive for long enough to be suspicious of certain types of claims and products. This would be a prime example. While the product might have some benefit, you have to wonder why, if it really does, people aren't ordering them by the millions. You are, of course, welcome to buy one, do some regimented testing of your own, and post the results here when you're done. Please, by all means, if you respect and believe in the product, go for it! [Cheers!]
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The shill detector is going off........
As for the comment on OEM's, well they don't own all the Patents on every product that is good and available
Yeah, because a small manufacturer wouldn't want to suddenly increase thier revenue by a bazillion percent by licensing a patent to a large auto maker.
From one of the documents on the test results page:
The housing of the ECO-System retrofit fuel line device consists of a steel tube with threaded fittings on each end. The fittings are used to install the unit on the fuel line after the fuel filter and before the carburetor or fuel injectors. The core of the unit is composed of a series of copper discs that are punched out and bent in a concave direction. These copper discs are packed tightly within the steel tube. As the fuel passes through the device, it is agitated. This creates a reaction that breaks up the hydrocarbon bonds in the fuel and increases its volatility or Reid Vapor Pressure (RFP), as well as increasing the vaporization of the fuel by the injectors or carburetor.
Yeahbut... What do these copper plates actually do? What happens inside this thing? I'm all for it if it works, but I'd want to know a good bit more about it before plunking down whatever it costs. (No prices on the website.) PT, frankly, your arguments don't do much for me. The 'tornado' has been around for years as has 'Slick 50'. Heck, Marvel Mystery Oil has been used for far longer and its merit is still debatable. Would I be surprised by a state government spending taxpayers' money on an ill-advised venture? Nope.
These emissions test results, fuel economy tests, and other aspects of the technology that may not be represented well in the test results, will be discussed later in this report. ... The original primary goal of the project was to use the test data for verification testing. However, over time it became apparent that this was not going to be feasible, for a number of reasons. Almost two years passed from the time the grant application was approved and the grant activities were finally initiated. Cost estimates used in the grant proposal were dated by the time the grant activities actually took place. Significant changes also took place over that time period including the government entity responsible for the program and the project management. Over this period of time and with significant personnel changes, things are sometimes lost due to a lack of continuity and institutional memory. Nonetheless, the original intent of demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology in reducing ozone causing tailpipe pollutants remained.
Doesn't sound like the kind of study that'd convince me to spend money. We need more info.
O.K. By all the OPINIONS and Not believing in Government agencies, Not believing Professional Fleet managers, Not believing news reports with professional repair shops, and frankly not believing anyone, then the only way to convince people is to try a unit. I will make available 3 units to 3 individuals who will Honestly and Opened mindedly give the system a true test. Then report back to this forum the true Results of PERFORMANCE, and FUEL ECONOMY. It would be great if you can get an Emissions Test before and after installations and share that with us. There is no cost on the units and fittings to these 3 takers. However you must report back on this Forum or forever hold your opinion.
Better yet lets do 6 (six) takers. This way we can spread the test better across the country. North, South, East, and West and in between and get some real good OPINIONS. Takers let yourselves be known on the forum here so we know who to hear back from.
Sign me up for one or two if you can spare it. I'll put on my VW TDI (I hope this works for diesels) and get you some quick results since I drive about 750 miles a week and keep track of my fuel economy closely. I am averaging 46 mpg in winter and 49 mpg in summer driving. I'll also put on on my wifes Ford Taurus since her fuel economy sucks and needs all of the help she can get.
Although interesting I have to decline since I am new to the east coast and haven't established a good average for the new driving regimen and could not honestly tell if an improvement occured. I will commend you on this. If it works out you will gain some believers.
Thanks Drew for taking the challenge and your honest results will be appreciated, You will be our central America test with your VW Diesel and your Taurus. Please e-mail me your address and phone number to [email protected] so that i can contact you for information needed. Bryanccfshr - Thank you for your honesty.
Well, Oklahoma doesn't test for emissions (whoo-hoo! no annual exhaust tax for me), I wouldn't be able to help out that way. However, I'd be glad to do a fuel economy trial with one of your devices. If that sounds good to you, PM me and I'll return with my address. Also, please PM the prices of 4 and 8 cylinder units. My wife's exploder uses a lot of gas...if they work, and I can afford it, I'll buy either the one you send or a new one for my wife's truck. If these things work, I'm all for it and would be glad to give you some data you could use to help drum up business. In any case, I'd post my results.
Thanks GeaugaFletcher, You will be another test for Central America. I just want to distance this product from being classed with all the Snake Oil's. It's not going to make a Cavalier out run a Corvette, but it will Help your vehicle run at Peak Performance. Your honest results is all I want.
papatez, is it tin based, or something else ? mounted before the filter or after ? If it's before the filter, I'm interested. There's a trend of my fuel economy on this site...and I'm prepared to leave the single variable the fuel catalyst.
Call me a skeptic, but why would what is essentially a tornado in the fuel line work? It's not magnets, but it's copper. Oooh. Accepting this test without any protocol gives this product undeserved credibility, and buys much free exposure, including just being able to state 'as tested on BITOG.' Go away, Snake Oil salesman. (before we sick The Amazing Randy on you)
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