Anyone still use one of these Husqvarna 225r /rj ?

Sep 10, 2005
Erie, PA
This photo is from google but mine is identical in a little nicer cosmetic shape.

I used the factory brush blade as pictured for about 2 hours and wonder why these beasts don't seem to exist anymore, anywhere. This unit is by far the best built and best ergonomic trimmer I have ever used. When I rebuilt the carb and fuel lines I noticed this is a very servicable and near lifetime design (aside from burning it up). Back in this era Husqvarna seemed to make their own trimmers in Sweden (like this series) and the other models like the 125r with the grey top was made by Maruyama in Japan and rebranded and repainted in husky colors. Although the maruyama is a good machine as well, nothing compares to this made in Sweden model.

Anyone own one of these?

What should I expect to stock up on / horde parts wise to ensure I can keep this gem running until gasoline is no longer........?


Feb 25, 2015
Sask, Canada
Thats a nice machine! I couldn't day which parts in particular but maybe a carb kit, crank seal(s), engine gaskets.

I run a 30 year old Husqvarna 32R. I revitalized it with a new walbro carb kit, fuel lines, fuel filter and greased the gear box and cable. I bought a crank seal and possibly sourced some gaskets (might try and make some on the cricut even) but I am waiting until I have time to dig in that deep. Its not critical by any means.

This went from a throw away that was sitting for years to my go to trimmer.