Anyone Seen Really Good Analysis Results from Redline Oil ?

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
I keep reading about all the benefits of Redline oil, how it is constructed/engineered from the best sources(esters), has tons of moly and other anti-wear additives, etc..... . But has anyone here seen a really good analysis of Redline Oil - any weight ?. From the few analysis we've seen on this board the results seem to be only average. You would think they would be quite extraordinary, but they aren't in most cases. Everything you read about Redline Oil seems to make sense and you expect it to be a great peformer. I often think that maybe I should be using it because it is so well made. Yet it seems like the much simpler Schaefers product has better analysis results, and even the basic off the shelf oils can perform as well or better than Redline. I have to say some of the Schaefers results have been extraordinary IMO. I've never used either oil, I'm just wondering about the the "apparent" lack of good Redline analysis results. Any opinions on this ?.
JSIR, I'd have to agree with most of your comments ...I've seen one excellent result in a motorcycle analysis and the rest have been mixed. I think I'd go with the new Mobil 1, supersyn over Redline for most long drain, street applications. I do think the Redline 10w-40 is a useful SAE grade for a high mileage vehicle or one that is used for heavy towing - I'd probably choose that one Redline oil over the M1, 0w-40. The Redline oils also seem to be very shear stable, but I haven't seen any direct benefit from this in terms of very low wear rates. Of course I'm picking nits here .... I'm also not convinced about the tangible benefits of having 600 ppm of moly in the formulation, since they are already using a nice amount of ZDDP .... TS
I'd have to say that the jury is still out on Red Line. We have yet to see a really exceptional, clean analysis of this oil. Don't be too quick to dismiss it, though. [No no] My samples were contaminated with coolant so lead and copper (bearing material) were high (even though all other wear metals were low). Likewise, some GM vehicles tested showed incredibly high amounts of lead ... but Terry and others have stated that this is the nature of these engines and the same will happen with other brands of oil. In all these cases, we can theorize what MIGHT be happening ... but I don't think we have seen a really clean sample to date. Of course, there are just a handful of people on this site using Red Line ... and some of us stretch our drain intervals out to 5,000 miles or more. Mobil 1 SS might turn out to be an excellent oil ... especially for the money but I still carry a grudge against Mobil for their previous synthetic formulas which I feel had serious shortcomings. [Mad] One thing Red Line seems to be #1 at is reducing piston slap noise. [Cool] --- Bror Jace
I suppose I'm one of the few using Redline currently...'03 Corolla - RL 10W30 - 2500 miles on engine, 1500 on oil, zero consumption from day one. I've never had a new engine that didn't consume ANY oil during break in until now. Unfortunately it will be quite a while before an analysis can be offered up for inspection. I'll raise the flag and sound the siren when it does get posted.
There aren’t enough users of Redline here to get much of a data base. When we do see an analysis it’s usually the first time the person has used it. I don’t think first time use gives any oil a fair shake. My analysis on my motorcycle was pretty good using Redline. However, I’ve been using it for 5 oil changes. Redline analysis
RTexasF, we'll probably have to add your analysis to the "excuse" bin as well. Brand new cars tend to make lousy test subjects. I don't trust samples from cars until they have at least 10,000 miles on them. You have to expect some wear as they break-in ... even if this isn't the same as it was 20+ years ago. In other words, don't be alarmed if you seefairly high wear metal counts. A decent lab should warn you about this in the analysis when you get it. Personally, I wouldn't bother having the first oil change tested. [I dont know] Maybe I'm too finicky, but we're talking PARTS PER MILLION, here! [freaknout] satterfi: "When we do see an analysis it’s usually the first time the person has used it. I don’t think first time use gives any oil a fair shake." Another good point. There's usually 10-15% or so of the old oil left behind and when switching to something ester-intensive like Red Line, it could do a lot of cleaning up of the guck which could have been collecting in there for years. That sludge usually contains particles of past wear which could be dislodged and re-introduced into the lubrication system. [Freak] I'm using Schaeffer's 7000 blend right now and will be changing my oil in about 3 weeks. It SHOULD be a good analysis because this was the 3rd oil change in the last month including one Neutra purge ... ... but my car ('95 Honda Civic) underwent head gasket surgery and the operation wasn't entirely successful. The car is down on power, mileage and is currently very noisy. I don't know if this will show in the analysis as additional valve stem wear, etc ... [Confused] It's going back to the doctor for a follow-up visit next Tuesday. Hopefully, it'll get sorted out. [Smile] --- Bror Jace
Bror, A good example of a engine making a oil look horrible is the LS1 motor that had the topend redone and ran the Royal Purple to 4500 miles or so after rebuild as a breakin oil. Wear looked ugly but imo that #41 oil is their best in the line and other motors would shine with that oil. Now I wonder what percent of all the anaylsis in the section are " good" ones? Seems one was ran too long,one had dino before a synlube w/o purge,filter problems and on and on. I guess any type single digit numbers are exellent but like you say,we are talking about PPM's [Smile]
BrorJace, The analysis will be after the second change of RL. By that time the engine will have 13K+ on the clock. I'm going 5K with RL intially then drain. New filter, more RL 10W30 for 7500 miles. The drain at 7500 is the one I'll gave analyzed by Terry. I would think that will give some good info for all....especially ME!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Bror Jace: [QB]I'd have to say that the jury is still out on Red Line. We have yet to see a really exceptional, clean analysis of this oil. Don't be too quick to dismiss it, though. *** I'm interested in seeing how Terry Dyson's test on Redline 10W-30 in the Toyota 1MZ-FE V6 turned out. He said it would be 'soon' and I haven't seen it yet.
Satterfi- Dragboat suggested I wait until the second oil change with RL which I will do for more accuracy. That's why it will be a while.
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