anyone seen aftermarket wheels for a dodge 2500 turbo diesel?

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Feb 1, 2003
palm beach
my dad is htinking about getting some lower profile (not low pro mind you) wheels and tyres. the stock tyres and wheels make the truck ride like well, a truck. he does alot of heavy towing, so they have to be strong.
A friend commented that a coworker talked about getting a pickup for a long time, and he finally got one, a new Ford 3/4 ton crew cab or something. A month later he asked how the truck was, and the coworker said that he had gotten rid of it, because it drove kind of like, well, like a truck :^) If you're hauling large loads in a 3/4 or 1 ton a safe bet is to stick with load range E tires, which is usually what comes on such trucks. They're often 235 to 265 tires, look like roller skate wheels on some models, but they have an 80 psi max tire pressure and are designed for hauling and towing larger loads. Larger, lower max pressure load range D tires are available for similar maximum loads, but they're still load range D as hey aren't rated for similar lateral loads and can cause handling problems with larger loads at speed. A neighbor uses an air bladder with his over cab camper, and says that it makes a big difference in balancing sway control with comfort. A towing section in one of the diesel forums might have a lot of what you're looking for.
Consider change the shocks over to KYB Gas-a-just. I run these in my Jeep and I hear they are a popular replacement in the Super Duty line up. They should work great on your Dodge ram. What year is the Ram? Tires and wheels won't make much of a difference. Suspension changes will.
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