Anyone know who makes "Mototech" oil?

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Dec 31, 1969
I've been using alot of "Mototech" brand oil in my jeep lately until I get it cleaned out nicely and fix my leak. It's the house brand at Fred Meyer stores. (I think those are only in the NW) Anybody know who makes it?
Oohhh, that's the oil that they sell at the Kroger grocery stores here on the east coast. My wife works for them and I get the pleasure of stocking her tiny little automotive section while I am there visiting. I don't know who makes it but her store sure does sell a lot of it considering there is a cheaper K-mart right next door that has all of the name brands for much less.
I have been buying it for a while now using it in my Oldsmobile. I get it from Kroger and on all the botttles I have ever bought, if you look on the bottom it says WPP in the plastic. Which I believe is Warren Performance Products, makers of MAG 1 and some supertech and ACCEL oils. Not bad stuff. I have had no negitive effects from it so use away. Hope I was able to answer your question.
They recently started selling it in 5qt jugs. Notice the resemblance to Mobil1 jugs. I wonder if it's bottled by Mobil1? Could it be the same M1 super at a lower price?
Dunno. That doesn't look like any of the Mobil jugs from my area. Not even the old style jug. Maybe they use different jugs in Canada? Also, and I know I'm being nit-picky here, but Mobil 1 or M1 refers specifically to Mobil's original full synthetic oil, not the Clean or Super lines. Mobil Super would be referred to as "Mobil Super", not "Mobil 1 Super"... that doesn't exist. "Mobil" is the brand name; "1", "Super", and "Clean" are product lines. Ie: FORD (brand) MUSTANG (product line) GT (trim line. Think of that as viscosity grades) That would translate as Mobil Super 5w-30, or Mobil 1 5w-20.
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