Anyone here ever use Rislone?

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Sep 11, 2002
Johnsburg, IL
I know my dad used to use this like every 10K miles on his '69 Cutlass. I didn't think it was still around until I found their website : Just curious what anyone thought about this stuff. Some of the old school guys in my grandfather's service station used to swear by it. [Smile]
Rislone has what they call data, but it certainly isn't typical for a motoroil, of course it's designed to be mixed. Would someone who knows what they're talking about look at this and tell me if it means anything? [Confused] Of course the tests were performed not by a lab, but by an "independent garage mechanic who found the results shocking". [ September 13, 2002, 07:05 PM: Message edited by: csandste ]
See if this helps explain COMPONENTS CAS # EXPOSURE LIMITS % WT Oil Mist Severely Hydrotreated 64742-53-6 PEL(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. 80-90 Light or Heavy or TLV(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. Napthenic Distillates 64742-52-5 STEL(10mg/m3) 15 hrs. Oil Mist Additive Mixture Proprietary PEL(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. 5-10 Containing compound TLV(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. of Ca, Zn, S, P, N STEL(10mg/m3) 15 hrs. Oil Mist Olefin Copolymer- Proprietary PEL(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. 5-10 Viscosity Improver TLV(5mg/m3) 8 hrs. STEL(10mg/m3) 15 hrs. (This may not be a complete list of components.)
Basically, its a formulation containing cleaners and additives in an Group II oil base. What they don't show in the graphs is what kind of engine was it tested in, what kind of oil was used, the effect of the additive package after using this cleaner, how many grams of carbon were really removed, how much wear did it prevent (or cause) compared to a baseline, etc, etc.
I haven't used any for more than 20 years now, but I do remember this. If your engine is using oil, it'll use even more with the Rislone in it. And it'll probably continue to use more after you've drained & changed the oil. They *were* tired old cars, your results may vary. The "information" from the mechanic? Pure advertising BS.
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