Anyone heard of Conklin motor oils?

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May 27, 2002
Ocala, Florida
I have seen them around but are a scarce breed somewhat like schaeffers. I do know they use moly but I have no idea of the base oil, additive levels nor what type of mo they use. I have never seen any oil analysis with this oil so imo, If someone was to use this, I'd not start out with a 15,000 mile drain. I would like to see this one day as for the price they are charging, it would make sense there has to be more to it that just that.
I was at a Flea Market near where I live and I ran into a guy who was a rep for a company named Conklin. He showed me some of their oils, and they do contain moly, and recommend a 15,000 mile drainage intervel, but they are expensive ($7.35) a quart. The specs listed on their site don't really seem all the great, and I was just wondering if anyone had any info on them. I did tell this guy I was using Schaeffer oil and he told me that they make an excellent oil, so he at least seemed like an honest guy

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Isn't Conklin the guys that make all those carnival rides? Does the oil have a picture of a clown on it?

Seriously though, pick some up and send in a VOA. Then run it and send in a UOA, ASAP.

Does anyone have any additional information?
Group III or Group IV?
This guy I work with is trying to get me to switch to it. I looked it up on the net. Not a lot of information.

How does it compare to Schaeffers and Amsoil ?

Thanks to anyone that can help.
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