Anyone have Verizon DSL?

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Sep 9, 2003
My $19.99 Comcast deal runs out this month so I decided to try cheaper DSL. In an 8 day time period the connection has been down for 3 days. Anyone else experience similar issues? I'm starting to think I'll keep the Comcast- one cannot lose the connection to BITOG!
IMHO DSL is not worth the only very slight delta $ with cable. My bundle package makes them very close. (less than $10, I think 7 or 8 bucks) Yet the speed is 3X faster or whatever with cable?

Down for 3 out of 8 days? YIKES!!!
Verizon DSL has been flawless for a year now. They did just tell me that the $14.99 price will go up to $17.95 next month. Cable is $44.95, $39.95 if bundled with other overpriced services, like internet phone for another $39.95, hardly a big bargain for the claimed 3X speed increase.
I used to have Comcast - they too were expensive. $39.95 of VOIP???????? Holy moly. Ours is $19.95, Our bill is one total with a mess of cable channels and high speed internet for $59
With Comcast I get anywhere from a 4.5 to 6 meg download. With DSL I'm only getting around 350k. I've decided to stay with cable.
Both people I know who had cable had stability programs because the infrastructure had variable #'s of people using it @ certain times and signal/noise was always changing. It took adelphia 6-9 months to "fine tune" the system; in my parents case, they ended up running a new cable across the lawn for 5 months and then came back and buried it. Bandwidth is variable.

DSL is a straight shot back to the C.O. with, in my case, copper. I've had SNET/SBC/ATT DSL for 5 years and the stability is excellent. My .02
sg I agree to some extent. I fought with my cable for months (have akrap modem didn't help either) - indeed they laid a new cable (and buried it the next week). Turns out the old cable was damaged undergrround - only effected the data signal. Bandwidth is variable - from 3 to 6 MB down, but who's griping? DSL at best is 800k?????
Pabs, its 6 megabits/second; I was saying that that translates into 640K BYTE/second download speeds; 1Meg file is less than 2 seconds.

Did I mention the C.O. is in a house just down the street?
Don't know if my input means anything.

I have cable. Was SusCom, but they were bought out by Comcast and now everything is currently being migrated over to Comcast. Don't know how much they will be charging yet.

Cannot get DSL, Verizon tells me it is not available in my area (downtown York city).

My parents still have dial-up, as they cannot get DSL either. According to Verizon, it is not available in their area. They recently bought a second house to fix up for my wife and I, just around the corner from their house, and when my wife called to get the phone turned on, they offered her DSL!? ****ed my parents off, they really want to get rid of dial-up

My opinion? Verizon has their head up their a$$ and doesn't know WHAT is available.

My brother has Verizon DSL, but he cannot get cable, as there is no cable service in his area (cable company told him it would cost $5000 to run a cable out to his apt., as no-one on his street has cable service). He likes the service, when its available. Has had it 18 months and is on his 3rd modem; average lifespan for his DSL modems as ~6 months, and everytime he has to replace the modem, Verizon can't find his user account and has to create a new account for him!
I finally gave up and cancelled. I had no connection for 6 out of 13 days and couldn't get their modem to connect to my wireless router. I have no complaints about Comcast except the price. Their service has been great.
I have had adelphia cable for I think 5 years now. never really had a problem. only thing I dont like is the price. but too many peopel has had problems with DSL and your download up load rates depends on how close your to the box in you sector of the city. if its close to it. then you have blazing speeds but if you at the very end if its range. then you get **** down and up speeds. also peopel talk about it taking 6 months for the DSL peopel to figure out why they cant connect. so I dont need that headache.

cable has its drawbacks too. as if alot of people are on it. it can affect your speeds too. but I live in a small town. so I dont have to worry about that.
I just got Verizon FIOS (15 / 2 internet, landline and cable tv all bundled) and I love it. Superfast downloads and haven't had an issue yet (since Aug 1st). Check availability of FIOS in your's the only thing available to me except Comcast, which I was not bending over for.
Go cable and dump your land line. Use your cell phone. If you must have almost a landline, go VOIP. I get phone service to all of the USA, Canada, and most of Europe for a flat $28 month from
It's worth $18/month to have reliable 911 service. From what I've read the VOIP services do not have their 911 databases current for all areas.
Not everybody has decent local phone service available for $18. I certainly don't. I was paying $40 a month for trash.
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