Anyone have oil specs for Canadian Civic?

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Sep 27, 2003
Tampa, FL
After reading the oil viscocity specs for the Euro Acura I became curious as to what's recommended in the Civics up north, especially since like Europe CAFE doesn't apply. 96 or newer civic specs would be good, preferably a pic just like the Acura post.
Both my '99 EL (Civic EX in US) and my '93 Integra specify 5W30 preferred, 10W30 if NEVER below 20f (-7c). No mention of any other viscosity whatsoever.

PS - What do 2004 Civics/RSX's specify, 5W20 or...?
My wife's 2000 Civic calls for 5w30 preferred, with 10w30 allowed above 0C (I think)

Starting in 2001, they recommend 5w20 only.
5W20 is recommened for my '02 3.2TL.
The dealer put Valvoline 5W30 when I asked for synth...

I have been using RP 5W30 and was pleased with it. Now have GC 0W30 in it now and it seems to be a little thicker from the seat of my pants VOA....
My mistake then, with all the talk of 5w-20 only being a US thing due to CAFE I thought we might find a wider range of oil viscosity recommendations in other countries.

Another member posted a page from his 99 Integra owner's manual that illustrated such.

The link I posted was from a 95-97 Civic UK shop manual (I don't think they switched to the 6th generation Civic until 98 vice 96 like the US).

I have a 98 Civic and while it's not an identical engine to those listed above, it's very similar. The reason behind my original post is to determine if 5w-40 would be suitable with my engine. I'm considering going with Rotella synthetic.
I use M1 0W40 in my Integra; engine seems to like it, runs much quieter, and consumes less of it...

The engine does have 350 000km on it, however.

I have also tried 15W50 M1 in the summer, but I think thats too thick for small displacement engines in normal use; my car just seemed a little sluggish with it in there.

I am now using GC 0W30 in my EL; it too is a little thicker than most 30W's, more like a 0W38...or so!? Didn't really notice any difference in performance or sound with it, though.

I'd imagine a B16A would have different requirements than the D16Z7? I don't know if both Civics would share the same owner's manual. Just something to keep in mind. FWIW, I'll be running D1 5W-40 in my B18B come springtime. I'd base my oil choice on what you read here, and UOA, over what the owner's manual says anyday. Just my $.02.
I've got about 60,000 miles on my Civic, not really sure if 5w-40 would be too thick. I live in southern Mississippi. Highs 100, lows never much below freezing, median temp around 75.

I have a number of customers in Alabama running the Amsoil 0w-30 synthetic in Honda/Acura/Toyota/Mazda/Nissan/Mitsu engines ....The GC, 0w-30 would be perfect for your engine and is probably the best match in an off the shelf synthetic since it's significantly thicker than the Mobil 1, 0w-30 and 5w-30. I'd have no hesitation about using it at all.

I saw it locally at Autozone for about $5.00/qt, which seems like a fair price to me ....

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