Anyone have experience with AUTO EXTRA filters?

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Dec 10, 2011
The part number is 61851394 at, and they only want $1.85 for it. Direct Link I would like to know if it is made by Wix, as the filter diagram looks very similar to a Wix, and if so is it the same thing as a Napa Silver filter? Thanks
My mechanic use it in his $20 oil changes, he said customers don't like to pay $25 for an oil change with better oil filters. He doesn't make any money for 5 quarts brand name oil and Auto Extra filter, he would loose some money if he uses Purolator or Wix for $20 he charges his customers.
A store near me sells these and the owner said that they are made by Wix. He showed me the two side by side and they looked identical for my application. I bought a few and had no problems and would not hesitate to use them again. Wayne
They're nearly identical to the old Pro-Tecs and Pronto's I use occasionally with the exception of the combo-valve. Some like them, some don't.
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