Anyone have cold cranking data for Maxlife?

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Jan 16, 2003
Shippensburg, PA
I am talking about the *NEW* PAO blend maxlife. Since July, the MSDS has indicated that this oil contains 10-20% PAO. Also, vis@100 deg is 10.5, so this oil is no longer a higher vis than most other 10W-30's (like other hi-mile formulas). Sounds like a great oil for the price. I just wonder how it flows in the cold.
Tried to help you on this but couldn't. Sorry. It seems both Valvoline and Pennzoil just list the CCS max numbers and indicate that they meet spec. They just don't seem to want to publish actual test values on the Net. I don't know why. I avoided trying Pennzoil Syn because of the CCS numbers. I didn't realize that they just published max. spec. I have later found out that it is actually quite good.
"SYNTHETIC LUBRICATING OIL 68037-01-4 12.0- 22.0 " That is what was listed on the msds. How do you know that means PAO???
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