Anyone have an '03 Accord?

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May 24, 2003
Baltimore area
Got the air filter housing open on my '03 Accord 4 cyl. The filter that I have to replace it does not have the large tab that is part of the original filter. This tab like thing is on the side of the filter that is toward the middle of the motor, not the fender side. Has anyone replaced their filter with other than a Honda filter, and if so, did it have the tab or not? Will this one work correctly without it? Thanks for any help.
No. Forgive me. The more I think about this, the filter may not me correct for this car. I found the filter in the garage over the weekend. I thought it was the one I had bought for the Accord. It's the exact same size except for that tab. It may very well be the wrong thing. Please disregard this thread.
My '03 Accord is a V-6, and the filter is different from the Purolator one referenced above as it does not have the big tab end thing on it. Maybe you bought a V-6 filter instead of one for the "4" ????? John
Do a part number search at like,, or the filter manufacturer's website, see if the number matches, Or, for what car it matches to.
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