Anyone have a Japanese New Year feast?

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May 30, 2004
Guess I will have to move next door to you, had Crown roast for Xmas, will do Biriyani and Korma for New Years.
I must say this is the day where we eat the most in my house, and we eat a lot on the other Holidays! Sushi, sashimi, panko kaki, donburi, black and red bean sweet treats, and yes some mochi, tempura, etc...and etc.... Gotta love it! Yes we do it on the "Roman" calender #1.
Pablo, Sure would bring the Korma over, and Biriyani too but anytime you are here in this part of the world by chance, please do drop in and be my guest.You can bring me some Amsoil diesel synthetic as gift:)
Prawns, Smoked trout, organic carrot, freshly shelled peas, baby spinach and mixed lettuces, radish, avocado, and some organic on the bone ham from my good friend Gino at Eco Meats. Add a couple of Tuborgs, and a Little Creatures Pale Ale and I was done for. Crashed by 10:30pm!
Crashed by 10:30pm!
Now how on earth is this going to perpetuate the myth of the hard drinking, hard partying Aussie Yobbo ??!! Shame on you [Wink] FWIW, we went to a neighbours place (10km away, it is the country [Wink] ) and we had a lovely night, and to keep this on topic, it included home made Nori rolls. It was worth it to see the facial contortions when we introduced wasabi to few of the local graziers who've spent their whole lives here. Priceless [Big Grin]
Give me credit. Wifes been in hospital and all I've done is look after Tash (feed, wash clothes, iron, take to horseriding etc) and sit around Emergency, ICU, and Neurosurgery ward since 23rd December. I'm totally exhausted mentally and physically. I can eat chillie as hot as and anything hot nut Wasabi I can't get my head around. Guess it's why I don't like Hoseradish.
Don't worry guys, Lithgow made up for the rest of the country. ('cept I was in bed at 10:30 also, listening to fireworks, drunken spousal abuse, teenage drunk kids talking about how they are "gonna do it", burnouts, breaking bottles. And I live 200m from the Police station... Oh, and we oven fried some spring rolls to nibble on over a beer.
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