Anyone have a general idea of how much I'm looking at if I decide not to do this job myself?

Jan 14, 2017
My car has sat for 3 years. Today I got plates and registration for it and got some minor repairs done on it and dropped it off for a state inspection. The shop that did minor repairs already had it in the air so they checked all 4 wheels and found the tie rods to be shot on both sides and one possible rear wheel bearing bad as well. They mentioned the tie rods being very rusty and a high probability of not being able to seperate the inners from the outers. I'm expecting more things to be found wrong but I need this car back on the road ASAP and can't afford to wait for RockAuto to send me parts so I'm wondering how much I'd be looking at if I had a repair shop the work for me.
The big questions....

What car? What location?
This. Rear wheel bearings range from easy to blue-wrench-required all day affairs

I recently enjoyed this vid from SMA on an '07 U-R-a-Bus. Total PITA for a wheel bearing on a car, he said most shops around him won't touch 'em:
wait.. you need it asap and cant wait on rock auto? well be ready to spend $500+ more.

OTOH if a shop is doing it.. and you want warranty.. let them install their parts.
OP, if you really want any kind of good ballpark guesstimate then start by supplying good information about what make, model, year of vehicle and also include your location.

Any experienced mechanic with the background to give you a good idea of how much it should cost you would still be taking a blind shot in the dark without detailed information such as above.
Anyone else think the op should get another shop to look at it? Perhaps the tie rods are rusty, but i would have an independant shop put it on an alignment rack.
He has asked about a 2009 lacrosse in the past. without actually looking it up, id say 5-6 hours plus parts and alignment. the gear more than likely has to come out to do the inners...

Labor rate is all over the place, could be 50 hr, could be 200 hr...
If this is your '09 Buick LaCrosse.....Inner & Outer Tie Rods & a Rear Wheel Bearing isn't too bad.....Might need old Victor to get the rear wheel bearing hub out though if the car is rusty.

IIRC....You can turn the wheel all the way & break the Inner Tie Rods loose with a Pipe Wrench/PWZ's/Nutbuster Tongue & Groove pliers.
Some vehicles require a Inner Tie Rod Tool.
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It passed inspection. Those other guys are a bunch of jackoffs even if they did fix my door properly.
Based on the original post, it's registered, has plates, insurance and passed inspection.

Assuming you drove it to the shop, why not keep driving it and repair as needed?