Anyone familiar with Texas Refinery Corp. products?

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Mar 23, 2003
Got literature from the company years ago where it was looking for sales reps for its lubes and coatings lines. The company uses a website these days. Here's a link to the lubes:

Texas Refinery lubes

(Note: After testing the link, I see that it automatically routes to the website's index page. The company's website won't let me post a link just to the lubes page.)

Anyone had dealings with this outfit or used its products?

I'll leave the comments about the motor oils to others. Oddly enough, some of the specific products remind me a little of similar Schaeffer's oils, though I sincerely doubt there's any link. Wonder if Texas Refinery Corp. makes oils that are sold under other names? Anyone have info?
I posted a question on their DZL-LENE XL/10 fuel treatment on this site and don't believe anyone ever answered it. I think nobody here is familiar with it.

I heard about it from a member of this site, Robbie Alexander, but he hasn't posted here in almost a year.
I was looking at their synthetic blend. If I read it correctly they proudly proclaim something like using the finest hydro-cracked synthetics. I like this company. I basically know of what their oils are comprised. Are they API certified?
Quote from the company's website:

"Texas Refinery Corp.'s PRO-SPEC® meets the latest gasoline engine specifications, both under the American Petroleum Institute's (API) standard and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) standard. PRO-SPEC® is formulated to meet API's SM category and ILSAC's new GF-4 category."

Might run into the Red Line/Royal Purple/Amsoil question here about whether these oils are actually API "certified", but the company says it meets API SM and ILSAC GF-4. The similar diesel motor oils meet CI-4. Some of the oils advertise the use of moly. Interesting products. Unfortunately, the company does sell the dreaded non-detergent SAE 30, but there are uses for it besides engines.

I'm leaving work to care for my mother and stepfather. Down the road, looking at becoming a sales rep for Texas Refinery Corp. might be an interesting notion . . .
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