Anyone ever have a good quick lube experience?

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Apr 28, 2003
Katy, Texas
I saw the thread about the bad quick lube service but I brought my father's 00 Grand Cherokee to the dealer yesterday. My friend Cara was buying a truck so I dropped it off while I was waiting on her. We bought the car used a few months ago and it's been dealer maintained since day one. The original owner was a GSM at the dealer he sold it at. ANYWAY... i bring it in. They say its 16.99, with all the top off, wash.. etc.. My father wanted the tires rotated and balanced as well. Well, I left the coupon at home since it was a spur of the moment idea (the WJ was 100 miles over due for oil change). The service writer talked to the manager and I got all the services done for 39.95 out the door. They had it done in 45 minutes. They didn't wash it this time because it was going to rain again. But still... 39.95 for all the service they did isn't too bad.

FYI... this is Allen Samuels Dodge in Katy, Texas. They service all makes and models.

I wanted to change the oil on this Jeep but I haven't tried on the 4.7L yet. My dad prefers the dealer.
Where I live there is a quick lube where I recycle my oil ,I have watched them work, I would without reservation have my car serviced there.
Sorta. I've had good quick lube experiences, but never a "stellar" experience at one. Not that I really expect it for less than $20 and in a big hurry under a hot car.

Every experience at my DIY slow lube is a good and cheap one, though...
Since I change my own oil, but am so far too lazy to buy a grease gun and figure out what to grease, I take my Cherokee to JiffyLube and they lube it for free.
Several years ago I took my truck to a VIOC for an oil change. The wait was longer than usual so one of the techs gave me a bottle of TM8 for my trouble. Still have it unopened in my basement.
Since I have several ruptured discs and also get vertigo when I work lying under vehicles, I now have had all my oil changes and lubes done on 4 vehicles for the past eight years at the same Texaco quick lube shop about a mile from my house. They do excellent work, rarely offer 'extras', and never push them.
In that time there have been only two 'problems' - one bad filter, they replaced it, topped it up, and gave a free coupon for my next oil change; - one time they spilt the used oil on my crankcase skid plate on my Jeep where it dripped off as I drove away; they rechecked the drain plug was tight, cleaned it off the skid plate, apologized, and gave me a coupon...

I can, and do, recommend them to anyone.
That's great. I just get tired of all the negative stories and I like to thing half-full. The dealer is reprogramming a Jeep keyless entry for my father's GC on Monday. 17.95. I guess that's not bad considering they have to get into the ECU. The transmission flash is 89.99 because it take one hour to recalibrate the whole thing. (This enables a second overdrive.. the software wasn't ready until 2001)
I took my vehicles to various quickie-lube shops in North Alabama for approx. 15 years. In all that time, I never had a single bad experience.
only thing about quickie lubes, they don't drain out 99.9% of the old oil out like I do. I have OCD that way.
The only thing that they do consistently wrong in my experience is fill up the tires to the MAX pressure thats stamped on the sidewall, not the manufacture's recommended pressure printed on the doorjamb. It's a difference of about 20 psi. I have to educate them on this about every single time, so that I'm so tired of it I just say leave the tires alone.
Before we bought our house a few years ago, I had no place to change oil and had to use a local fast lube joint. They constantly preached that 5w30 was too thin for my '92 Ranger and would 'blow up my motor'. After I hit 120,000 trouble-free miles, they finally backed off the 5w30 bashing. Otherwise, I guess they did an ok job.
I went to one once. I was on a trip and realized that I was way overdue for an oil change. I had a few hours to waste and I knew there was a GoodYear on my way, so I stopped. I had no complaints.

I also know a mechanic that worked for Monroe muffler-brake for 2 days. They wanted him to talk people into work that wasn't needed. It gets worse than that, they then wanted him not to do the work, but charge the people for it and the parts.

I also know of another quicky lube shop about 40 miles away that was under investigation by the NY State Police because they told a trooper's wife that her car needed brakes to pass inspection. The trooper had the car there 3 weeks earlier for all new brakes. Because his wife took the car in, it didn't pop up in the computer when they typed her name in. They didn't know that they just had the car there for brakes.

I have a friend who managed a Valvoline Intant Oil Change just north of Buffalo, NY. He finally quit because he couldn't get competant employees for what they were willing to pay. He would end up fixing his employee's screw ups all the time. He told me he had to train a few guys on how to change oil.
Medic, you're out of line: This thread is for documenting the dozen good quick lube experiences. Please keep'em coming.
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