anyone ever do the "grooves" to their cyl. heads?

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Let's see if any major automotive manufacturers/energy company (major oil company) into his so-called technology and buy him out

A quench area would be required for this mod. It looks like right at the moment of 'quench' approaching TDC, streams of gas are then squeezed/shunted toward the center of the CC or the spark plug creating a directed pressure stream passing it through the flame front. Interesting.
A few swear by the "grooves" as it seems to cut down detonation and HC emissions somewhat. Never have seen hard dyno evidence of a signifigant improvement over a standard quench chamber/piston.
There have been plenty of "comet" chamber type systems that use a cavity of air and fuel around the spark to erupt into the main chamber, crating a jet of flame/turbulence to mix and burn the remainder.

Even was sparkplug "adaptors" to do the same thing at one stage.

I'd be concerned that the mod creates a path greater then 0.040 through the quench area, and lead to end gas autoignition at the end of the path.

The idea of a close quench area is to reduce detonation, but also to be a "squish" area to force a large, broad stream of air across the piston top creating turbulence.

I can't see the mod doing anything extremely good.
There was a roasting thread where some guy must have had a mother with deep pockets. He had every bolt on (and brightly colored) item there was on his car. He had these grooves on the heads ..except he had 3 of them ..sorta reminded me of some native American war paint thing. They weren't parallel ..but like holding three feathers.

It didn't matter. While he may have attempted to achieve F16 capability, he assembled stuff like a Russian.
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