Anyone else try M1 TDT 5W-40 in their Bike?

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Jan 16, 2006
Ruidoso, NM USA
I have used it for several OCIs in my K75C and as a winter oil in my R60/5...seemed OK but did shear quite a bit over 4.000 miles. No serious complaints for me so far. I have one gallon jug that will go in the R1200R this winter. Anyone else ever use this oil? We all use and most like Rotella T6 but this similar oil seems to get little bike attention.
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I've been wondering about this oil myself. I saw some on sale at Meijer's earlier this summer for like $17-18 a gallon but didn't buy any. I really haven't heard anything about this oil, especially in a bike. You would think that it would be pretty darn close to the to T6 though and if that's the case, I'd use it.
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