Anyone else here a member of the Castrol SYNTEC Insider's Crew?

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Nov 7, 2004
MSP 'burbs, MN
I signed up on Castrol's site to become a member of the SYNTEC Insider's Crew a while back, figuring maybe I'd get some free swag. Sure enough, in the mail the other day I received a big "Castrol SYNTEC" sticker along with a $5 rebate form (purchase 6 quarts of SYNTEC between April and December 2005). Thankfully I had some receipts from a previous GC purchase, so I mailed one off with my rebate form.

More info here on Castrol's site:
I am now!!!!
I signed up at the Castrol webside some time ago, can't remember just when. I got the stickers and the $5 rebate form a while back as well. Just today, another envelope showed up with another $5 rebate form and, guess what, a car CD case. With all the free Valvoline I have I probably won't use the rebate form this time either.
I tried REALLY HARD to sign up and kept getting an error message or a load page failure. I will keep trying.
Wow, they acknowledge Amsoil on their website. I signed up. Castrol is feeling the water right now. This is a marketing survey. They are eyeing down Mobil and Amsoil.
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