Anyone done there own oil change on Range Rover Sport L494 5.0 Supercharged V8 ?

Sep 23, 2017
Hey all I have a 2022 Range Rover sport 5.0 v8 supercharged and I don’t have a local Range Rover dealer to get the oil change done so was going to take it to a local shop most probably but was wondering if anyone has done it on these trucks themselves, is it just the simple pull the plug from the bottom, drain, change filter, add new plug, add new oil? I just wanted to research to ensure the job is the same/common so that the local shop can do it and I can trust they did a good job

The truck engine has basically been the same since 2013 ish so I bet someone has a similar year truck with the same engine that can chime in

My plan was to order/ship the oil from the dealer to my house. Was going to order 9 quarts of oil ( I believe the truck needs 8.5 quarts in total unless I’m wrong) new drain plug, new filter

Is there anytning else I may be missing?

Top-Down oil change by using oil extractor pump
ty for the reply! do u know if it can be done from underneath with drain plug method? cuz idk if my local shop would have a oil extractor pump (small town and all )
If you had performed OCI from the past, it is the same as any other vehicle. RR has good ground clearance, you don't need to jack it up. On modern vehicles like the RR it has splash shield. Remove that and you'll see the drain plug. Some basic tools are all you need. Buy a new drain plug as those plugs are one time use to avoid leaks. Use a 6 point sucket for the drain plug to prevent it from rounding, normally these plugs are bolted really tight
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That V8 engine is designed to have the oil extracted out of the coaxial tube in the oil filler port on the top of the engine. And the filter is a cannister type, also mounted on the top. No need at all to be crawling around under the vehicle, removing the aerodynamic shield, pulling the drain plug or using traditional methods.

I have changed my own oil in my 2021 Jaguar with the same engine using a Mityvac. Any good shop should have something similar although probably powered by shop air. It is almost a surgical procedure, it was actually a pleasure for me to do it that way after about 50 years of crawling underneath my vehicles, skinning my knuckles, burning myself, spilling oil, etc.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos showing top extraction methods, the video posted above is outdated regarding JLR engines made in the last few years.

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