Anyone 'constrained' in their oil change choice?

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Sep 8, 2005
Just wondering if anyone in BITOG-land is 'limited' in what they can do for an oil change, or can't do the change they would like to do... For example, I recently bought a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier with a 1-year warranty through Global. To maintain it, I have to have oil and filter changes done at a certified place every 6K kilometers (4k miles) - no DIY's, no going over that mileage at all. With the amount of driving I do, this works out to an oil change every 2 - 3 months. Because off this, I get changes done with dino oil wherever there is a decent price. Currently have Motomaster Formula 1 5W-30 and Motomastrer filter in the car. Given my druthers, I would probably do synthetic changes myself every 6 months - one for winter, and one for summer. I could do synthetic now, but I just can't afford or justify a $40-60 synthetic change at a lube place every 2-3 months, versus $20-25 for regular dino, especially when for this OCI, a dino is almost as good as a synthetic. Anyone else have this kind of problem, because of warranty or place they live can't do their OC of choice? Or do most BITOGers make sure they can do their own if they want? Do most of you do your own OC, or do you have it done somewhere?
i have to drive about 55 miles to my parents house to change the oil, as i don't have a garage or driveway. an M1 oil change is about $22 for me, plus the gas and its still cheaper than an oil change shop for synthetic would be. i've never had it changed at a shop, and know that its been done right. no warranty issues on a 93 with 177k miles, though.
I don't do it my self because I have no place to do it other than my parent's house. I don't need to here all the bitching. The place I bring it for oil changes uses the same oil I would use,(Castrol Syntec 5W-20.) The only difference is the oil filter. They use Mighty and I would use Motorcraft. I get a in and out car wash at the lube shop thrown in for free with the oil change. [Burnout]
In the US, a warranty company or OEM cannot force you to have work done by shops or specific brand materials used. As long as you keep records of the oil/filters purchased and do the OCIs according to the are covered by warranty.
My dealership gave me a couple of coupons for free oil changes when I bought my car. I almost thought I might use them when they gave them to me, until I got in my car. I'd rather pay for oil than have someone touching my new car! I actually felt the same way about my previous 17-year old car though. [Smile]
With a 177 quart stash, my constraining problem is indecision--which oil to use?... hmmmmm... which oil to use?. I have paced a trough in the concrete floor of my oil room pondering this question. [Big Grin]
I have always changed my own oil, even when we were living in our first house years ago and I didn't have a garage to change it in. I did take my car to my grandpa's heated shop to change it in the winter though. [Smile] It seems that it's about 50/50 around here with DIY vs. taking it in for an oil change. It sometimes is a pain, especially when it's very cold and the oil change is due, but most of the time I actually enjoy doing the oil change. Especially now that I am addicted to BITOG! [Patriot]
A few years ago I bought a 1995 Firebird Formula from a dealer and they included a three year full powertrain warranty with it. The only catch was that you had to get the oil changed every 5000km/3 mo, and you could not do it yourself! You had to show a receipt from an oil change place or a dealer. I took my own oil (Mobil 1) to a local GM dealer and got them to change it for the first 3 oil changes, then I got tired of having to do that, plus I wanted to start doing oil analysis, so I basically forfeited the warranty at that point. Luckily I never needed to use it. I didn't get any kind of warranty when I bought my Corvette last year, so I've been able to do whatever I want for my intervals. With my wife's 2000 Civic, they specify 6000km oil changes while under warranty, but right from the beginning I never bothered doing that. Very early on I was running 10,000 to 11,000km intervals. The warranty is over now and I've never needed to take the car in for anything at all, it's been flawless.
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