Anybody superstitious about an event in life?

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Sep 12, 2004
Central Florida
Anybody superstitious about an event in life (good or bad) that lead them to believe it was a sign for things to come ? Example: Out of the blue someone from your past (school mate, former teacher / boss, long lost friend, old neighbor) you haven't seen in 20 years pops into your head....and then you meet them in a random place you did not intend to go ? What has happened to you that left you wondering... ?
Or maybe I should say crazy odds of something happening, revelation or crazy coincidence that is extremely unlikely ?
Michael Scott: I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. Jokes aside, I try to believe in things like Karma and Luck on occasion. It doesn't drive my daily decisions but I don't believe that being 100% hard facts makes for a fun life.
My Wife and I were talking about an old friend that we hadn't seen or talked to in 15 years. We ran into her later that day at the local Home Depot.
I often have "visions" of family members who contact me from other geographic locations (very distant from where I am) or future events that occur that I cannot prevent...they just happen that's about it. Nothing special I tried unsuccessfully discussing this with others on this site, but nobody else seems to have this ability or offer to assist me with developing this ability. After a while I gave up.
I work in a resort, mostly in the main lobby area. One day I'm just doing normal routine work when suddenly I thought of a coworker at my previous job, probably hadn't seen him in 20+ years. Nothing/no one around me to make me think of him. About 15 minutes later, a meeting ends...and he walks right by me! There was probably one of those cartoon exclamation points above my head. Incredulous, I walk after him and call his name, all the while replaying reel in my head. I tell him what happened and he gives me the same look I was giving him! Weird to say the least!
Am very familiar with this level of connectivity... Points either to a Universal Consciousness...or the Matrix.
Everyone please share stories of the tens of thousands of times that you thought about old acquaintances and then <span style="font-style: italic">didn't</span> see them.
I had a precognition dream once when I was a Sophomore in high school. Numerous unique details present in the dream were present in the experience three months later. Not just circumstance details but rather, actual items and actions of two relatives were observed that had been in the dream. I shall attempt to explain. Just after Easter 1979 I had a very vivid dream about being with my mom and my sister in a store that was decorated for Christmas. I observed very specific things such as gift boxes wrapped a certain way with certain color bows on them lying under one of those artificial Christmas trees that were white instead of green and it had multi color lights, the small 1 or 2 watt bulb type that came out in the 70's. That was directly accross from me along a wall. I was sitting on a bench opposite it facing that direction. To my left my mom and sister were at a cashier stand to the left of the tree, mom was wearing jeans and one of her usual white shirts, my sister had a green shirt on. They were facing away from me and toward the cashier stand. Did not notice the cashier. To my right about 20 feet away where a few aisles and there were end displays at the end of each aisle shelving, with Christmas oriented things on them. I awoke rather puzzled as to why I'd had a vivid Christmas themed dream right after Easter. My sister didn't live in town at the time and had recently moved to San Francisco after her husband had gotten a lucrative job offer there. The following summer, few months later, I went with mom out to visit my sister for a week. Never been out west before, only ever traveled around midwest or to Florida on family trips. While visiting we all went to the Fisherman's Wharf shopping area. Hit most of the shops and as a teenage boy tagging along with mom and sis I was restless, and tiring of the shop hopping bit. The last shop I remember being in with them was when it happened. I found myself sitting on a bench as in the dream and everything seen in the dream was there, right down to the gifts under the white multi color lit tree directly accross from me, aisle end displays to the right, mom and sis across to the left at the checkout counter. Would have just been dismissed as a typical Deja Vu moment had I not had the remarkable dream three months prior. There was no internet back then, and had seen no travel brochures is anything about the Wharf shops prior to going, and my sister had not told of there being a year round Christmas shop among the shops at Fisherman's Wharf. Should add that the trip had not been planned yet when I had the dream, it was after my sister asked if we could come out and mom thought she was probably home sick a little, that mom planned the trip about a month or two in advance.
Well, not a major event. But when I fix a computer, I don't pack up my tools until it has passed POST and booted. If I pack up my tools beforehand, it seems I have to get them back out.
While I appreciate the thought in this thread and sharing different stories, I fail to understand the reason for this "insight". I mean, it's not like we are able to prevent or change the situation, just that we are able to gain a detailed insight into future, what's the point?! shrug
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