Anybody Mix Their Own Synthetic Blend?

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
If you were going to mix your own 5qt blend, would you mix:

1qt synthetic to 4qts dino or

2qts synthetic to 3qts dino or

Just go flat out 50/50?
Depends on how long I plan on running the mix and under what conditions and the kind of oil I have on hand. Usually, If I'm going to mix, I'll add 1 quart of syn. to the Dino to beef it up a bit. Last spring I ran 4 qts of Exxon 5w20 & 1 quart of M1 0w20 for 4k in the wifes' van.
GR, you need to talk to Tall Paul. He's the master mixologist when it comes to cross gender..err..I mean cross group blending
As I mentioned a billion times before....A quart of RL. I have mixed it with Havoline Dino, Motorcraft, MobilDC, Mobil 1, Castrol DC. I have recently done 2 runs on Mobil 1/Redline at 5K and 5.5 K miles (just sent in the last one).

I now have TropArtic/RL in there and am anxious to see the results. After this run, I might go to one without the RedLine. That will be mentally hard to do bc I believe the results show that RL mix does a good job. I was fortunate to buy out the 25 quart supply of Advance's RL at an average of $3.50 a quart.
Just did a 3quart syn/ 2quart conv. over the weekend. Usually do a 50/50 mix, but at .70 a quart for the Hav. syn, and .30 a quart for conventional, I figured, what the heck?
50/50 delo 15-40 and Chevron 5-20 is my preferred mix but I'll do 25-33% delo and Chev/
Havo 5-30 75%-66% since the 5-30 would shear to 20 pretty fast w/o help.
1 qt - 24 oz of synthetic
3 qt - 8 oz of dino

Then dump the 8 ounces synthetic into the 24 ounces of dino remaining -- shake well & viola.... an instant syn-blend quart for top-offs.

Obviously, this requires you to purchase six quarts. It gives you a real nice 33% syn-blend.

If you only wish to purchase five quarts & use full quarts for your blend, you can choose from any combination of 20-40-60-80% blend

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I haven't done this for several years now, *but*: back in the "bad ol' days" before I found BITOG, did it for a while in the Neon. I was changing oil at 3K, racking up about 750-900 miles a week at the time.
Remember, this was pre-BITOG. I used 3 to 3 1/2 qts conventional, i to 1 1/2 qt "synthetic". Yes, "synthetic".
I didn't know any different at the time, & thought synthetic meant synthetic.
I'll give you three guesses as to what brand it was, & the first two don't count. (Hint: what brand convinced a judge, who knew zip about motor oil, that Group III oil should be called synthetic?)

It worked OK, but probably no better than the same brand's "synthetic" blend did. I did no OA back then, & so have nothing to compare it to.

If I were to do it now, I'd use something known to be a real PAO or Group V synthetic, and probably use 2 qts synthetic to 3 qts dino. JMO.
Another "pre-BiTOG" mix....

At the time, I called it my D.I.Y. Durablend.

3qts. Valvoline All-Climate 10W30
1qt. Valvoline Synthetic 10W30 (pre-Synpower)

...then Valvoline came out w/Maxlife. I've used it almost exclusively ever since.
1 qt. M1 10W30, (32oz), 8oz Aeroshell W100, (50wt.) . This is for my yard tractor. I ran out of Aeroshell 15W50 semi-syn. ~28 hours on this fill, no usage. I call it my M1 semi-syn.
Just made my blend this weekend.

1995 Honda Accord EX 4cyl VTEC

3 quarts Havoline 5W30
2 quarts Mobil 1 5W30

Will run it 5k miles, just like I just ran 5 quarts of Havoline 5W30. Topped off with 3/4 quart of M1.
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