Anybody I.D. this Nissan connector?

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Adding factory look fog lights to a 2013 Nissan Versa with a $40 Chinese kit off Ebay. Also bought the factory turn signal and light switch from a junk yard so it can be integrated with the factory lighting and automatically turn off when the high beams are on. Car is pre-wired at the factory for fogs and there is a harness for it ending at the bumper support which would just plug into a factory sub-harness included in the factory fog light kit. Obviously the Ebay kit has a universal harness and I could use their generic connectors, but original connectors would be nicer. This is what it takes. Anybody know the brand of this Nissan connector? No markings on it than I see.



Depends on how badly you want it.
Looks to be the same connector on my 2003 Accord A/C condenser fan motor (part no. TYC 631130) I replaced a couple years ago that I got from Rock Auto.

Depends on how badly you want it.
$70 or $80 for one single connector? That is crazy. It's not a connector for the Mars rover. Ended up just cutting off the connector on the harness in the car and using the ones from my WeatherPack connector kit. Maybe $2 for both ends, terminals and seals.