Anybody Having Problems With HOTMAIL?

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Apr 13, 2009
Miami-Dade County
I have only been able to log on one time in the past 3 weeks..I tried every which way by going to MSN and googling it in every which way but can't get Hotmail to come up no matter what I do.

Is their a easier way that I don't know about.

Thanks in advance.
No, but you're scaring me.
I'm on it daily and will get locked out maybe once a month. Usually it's site repair.
I have no problems getting into hotmail, but I notice it is taking 3-4 hours to get email from my wife. She uses G-mail.
No problems at all.

use OpenDNS as your router's DNS settings. I've found that the local ISP (bellsouth/att) would often time-out or not connect at all to anything hotmail. OpenDNS cured that.
Hotmail is just super-slow for me. That, and I have 10 mystery unread messages...apparently you can't search for Unread, and I have like 3500 stored messages, so I would have to go back through each page and search for them. Not bloodly likely! I've had the account for almost 14 years, maybe time to switch to Gmail.
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Gmail offers all those same things and you get GB and growing. It's fast and easy!

Besides GMX I took out a Gmail also.
GMX does look nice though... I have added it to my collection of Bookmarks so one day in the future when I have nothing to do and can't remember what the GMX bookmark is, I can find it again!
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