Anybody get in 'trouble' changing oil?

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Apr 21, 2003
When I was in grad school, one of my classmates (attractive young coed) begged me to teach her how to change oil.

Against my better judgement, there I was under the car...she in a skimpy top and me with oily hands. It was like something out of a sitcom.

I'm sure you guys will believe that my ONLY interest was in working on an unfamiliar car, but my old lady was not impressed to say the least.

Fortunately word got out that I was the 'go to' guy and I had a couple of other friends (male international students) over for a little car care clinic. They seemed amazed in the average American's ability to do such things. Wife just shook her head.
I've never got into any trouble for changing oil, but a few of my wife's aging relatives seem to think I'm weird for offering to help them change their vehicles' oil & do basic maintenance items for them. I've even offered to do it for free for them. No takers as of yet. I guess they feel better paying someone to do those sorts of things.
I had opened the Fumoto on the Land Cruiser and came in the house to multi-task while the oil was draining.

My wife had to go out in the garage for some reason and when she came back in, she asked, in a rather huffy tone, "Are you changing the Cruiser's oil again?"

She heard the splashing of the oil in the pan and challenged me on my drain interval !!!

Pretty sad when your wife is nailing you for early drains on your baby!

hahahaha thats funny tim.

i have always offered to do my fiances families cars (dad does my families) but only a few times have they taken me up on the offer. it was really easy when i worked at jiffy lube. didnt have to charge for anything. but the same offer went for when i didnt work there. one time i did a synthetic oc, af, and a tire rotation on her brothers car for $25 at jiffy lube. i would do her sisters car for free at one jiffy lube i worked at and the manager didnt care.
I never got in trouble changing oil, but I would if I ever decided to do it in the parking lot of my apartment complex and got caught.
"Did you have buy the oil, or did she bring her own jugs? Hahahahahahaha

Now getting back to the co-ed..................

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i offer to do all of the maintence on all of my relatives vehicles for free. the only money i charge is the cost of parts or fluids. so far only a few people have taken me up on that offer.

i think my relatives are suspicous of me, thinking i have some hidden motive, like a chance to search their car for skeletons. i cant see any other reason not to let me to all the maintence. i know that they do not judge me as an incompitent mechanic because i am AWALYS buying broken cars, fixing them and selling them on ebay. i have gotten quite a few commenents such as "you must be a natural born mechanic" or "how did you learn to do that so well"...

so far the only people who have taken me up on the offer are 2 of my 4 sisters, 1 brother in law and mom dad and stepdad. oh and a couple friends too.

thats like 5% of the people i have offered my services to.
Definitely not that kind of trouble, but the first time I changed the oil on my car, I realized after I jacked it up and drained the oil that the filter wrench I had would not work with my tiny filter. So I used another vehicle to make the 20 mile round trip to buy another one. Still too big. So I made another 20 mile round trip to a different store to get one of those filter caps that you use with a ratchet to remove the filter. I checked it against one of the filters in the store just to make sure.

Edit: Oh, before I went looking for a different filter wrench, I tried the method recommended in the instructions I was following - use a screwdriver to puncture the filter and use that for leverage. That did not work. So at that point I was freaking out because it was my first time changing oil and I had rendered my car undrivable.

I had a similar problem recently with my CR-V. Factory filter was hermetically sealed to the block. Used a pair of channel locks to crunch down on the filter and twist it off. Thing was like a crushed beer can when I was done with it.

As for AndyH's comment...the more I reflect on it, the more I WISH I did have pictures. IIRC her car took just over 4 Qts...which is what she brought if you know what I mean
Just changed the factory0fill & filter on my GTI.

Like Matt89's situation, I also had to literally crush the filter to get it off, it was on so tight.

I guess there's some guy with massive forearms installing these things at the factory.
i use to enjoy doing work on family/friends cars, but now im not so big on doing it anymore. use to do the oil changes on my sisters car, till i got blamed for breaking her radio and changing the presets before it broke. (funny it has broken another time and i havent touched the car since it was replaced the first time) right.. i popped the hood, and started the car after, thats it from the inside. i just think theres too much at risk, it makes it very easy for people to blame you for something you never touched. so now i just do my own car, and my buddies car because he comes under the car and i just point and tell him what to do.
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