Anybody ever test Mystik oil?

Has anybody ever tested Mystik Motor Oil? I was just curious. I know a couple of mechanics who swear by Mystik Motor Oil. Thanks to information provided at this site, I am going to use Chevron. From what I can see based on the information people at this web site have provided, apparently Chevron and Castrol perform about the best (for conventional motor oils) in virgin oil and used oil testing. The Chevron apparently has a lower pour point than the Castrol. But the Castrol 10W-30 might be great for a hot summer. I was disappointed that the Valvoline oil apparently did not test that great. I used Valvoline for a while. How much different in quality the Chevron might be as compared to the Valvoline is something I don't know, but even if there is only a little quality difference, I want to use the best conventional motor oil.