Anybody else have black gas in their car??

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That is normal.

That is what the filter has collected over the timeframe.

The black is just a collection of debris it filtered out.

It is not from black gas, that is what the filter is supposed to filter and it did a good job.
And my car has 'lifetime' fuel filters!
I changed my fuel filter today and also had dirty gas on the input side. Not as bad as that, more of a brown color than black, but definitely dirty. Seemed to start up fine with the new filter. I'm not worried about it.
It is there for a reason. It is doing its' job.

Just like having a dirty oil filter doesn't mean there is something wrong with the oil. The filter was filter as it should.

Now if it wasn't dirty I would be slightly concerned.
Oh...123,000 miles and 8 years? BlazerLT is correct, it's just doing it's job. The other issue is probably not in play...yet.
that's a ton of miles on an in-line fuel filter...every couple years is always good maintanance. I change a couple fuel filters a week, and that's pretty typical to have nasty gas in the input end of the filter. I figure it's not a bad thing, at least that's on the input side...that's why the filter's there, all that black junk could be in your injectors...
When I changed the fuel filter, shiny metal flakes particles came out of the 'dirty gas' mixture.

Obviously glad they're not in the injectors, but is this a sign that my pump might be on its way towards death?
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