Any UOA for Delvac 1 in a gasoline engine?

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Aug 14, 2003
Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, but I don't see any UOA for Delvac 1 that has been used in a gasoline engine.

What OCI would be reasonable for this oil in a gasoline, non-turbocharged 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine (Saab B234 motor)?


BTW I'm currently at about 6k miles with it now.
Even with a good synthetic you really do not want to go past 7500 the first time out with a new oil. This is especialy true if this is the first time synthetics are being used. Once you have some UOA under the vechile and oil combo you start extending the OCI.
The only dino oil this car has ever seen (151,500 miles) is the original factory fill and the dino used for the AutoRX treatment and rinse cycles. The current Delvac 1 in the car now was placed in service after the AutoRX rinse cycle.

Sequence of events: D1, then M1 0w-40, then dyno for AutoRX, dino for rinse, and now D1 for just over 6k miles. BTW, I'm on my second oil filter with the D1 (just in case!). First filter was oversized Pure One PL30001, now an FL1A.

IMHO, the FL1A flows better than the Pure One equivalent. I would occassionally get start up noise with it (even when filter was brand new). NONE with the FL1A.

I'll be switching to the WIX filters I bought on sale last week at NAPA for ..... $3.95 each!!!

Should I still stick to your 7500 mile recommendation? I'm not much for doing a UOA; synthetic oil is too cheap (relatively speaking, when bought on sale and in bulk) to justify doing it.
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