Any thoughts on these labs?

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Aug 16, 2014
I have recently purchased a 2008 Saab 9-3 2.0 with an Aisin 55 (or Aisin AF33) 5 speed automatic transmission. I am confident the transmission fluid was not changed until I changed it at 125,700 miles.

The car seems to shift well in all gears. At the time the sample was collected I did 3 drain and fills of the transmission with Toyota IV ATF. In the couple hundred miles since then, the car continues to shift well. There was no burnt smell to the oil.


Thanks for any thoughts.
My bad. The engine is a rebuild with 54,000 and that is the engine profile. Let me try again with the transmission.

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It sure is a lot of metal looking around at other labs. There were no visible pieces of metal. I have read about a magnefine inline filter, but have no idea if it is compatible with my transmission.

I guess my questions are:
1) Although Blackstone suggests checking back in 20,000 miles, what is the soonest I could send in another sample for meaningful results?

2) Given there are no distinct transmission troubles now, has anyone seen these kind of numbers on a long overdue service and the transmission hold up well for the long term?
Inline ATF filters are compatible with all transmissions that have a fluid loop that you can tie into.

Time for a complete fluid change out. Or, practice multiple drain/refills until you get most of that crud out.
Thanks. The simplest for me is to do some more drain refills. I have done 3 and I think I will do another 2 or 3.
Just make sure you go for a drive in between those drain/refills.

Universal multivehicle atfs are an option. Peak/Mag1/Maxlife/Import/Castrol/Amalie/... are all comparable in price and available at various autopart stores.

Amsoil/Redline/Royalpurple... are options too.
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