Any thoughts on LED TV-s?

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Sep 4, 2006
Our old TV bit the dust last month and we have been stuck with an old 25" Tv since then. The wife insisted on getting a new one and I put a budget limit of $1,000 So we went to the store yesterday and there was only one TV that we both thought that was worth to buy (it blew my socks off, actually, before the chest pains after I saw the price tag). It's an LED TV from Samsung. It's 2.5 times the budget I had in mind but from I can tell, it's either that or major problems at home (I told her that the old 25" is not much different but even I couldn't take myself seriously). But I don't want to end up with something that is gonna break down in a couple of years. Any experience with the Samsung 46" LED TV?
It's supposed to be a very good brand------but a neighbor has one (LCD) and has had a lot of problems since new--several service calls before they replaced the set as a lemon. My brother-in law bought a 63" Samsung DLP projection set about a month ago--he has taken it back twice so far to repair it--and it is not working now--He's trying to get it replaced from Conn's in Ft. Worth.
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I personally wouldn't want to buy until this (LED) had been out a little longer at the consumer level. The prices will likely drop. I have a big screen plasma in the living room and a smaller LCD for the bedroom, the plasma is hands down the best picture. Both have seen decent price drops in the past couple of years.
Honestly, I don't know how you can't find a TV that will work for you for under 1000 dollars. What exactly are you getting for 2500, especially in a relatively small 46" size? I could see that price for something larger. It seems to me that any 42" lcd 1080p would work fine, and be ~800 dollars. Or 1400 for a 50". What are you getting for 2500 again? My frame of reference is a 50" dlp, but I'm currently shopping the 42" 1080p's for a gift. Seems 700-800 will get it done. This is an edge-lit LED screen. OLED is a good 5 years away from consumer availability. Is this LED a stop gap or bridge between current LCD and OLED technologies? Seems like it to me. With the price of LCD and plasma so low, and the quality so high, I can't see buying this LED TV unless I had tons of money and had to have the latest video gadget. You didn't state what size you wanted but as you've found, there are plenty of 42-46" LCD's for well under $1000. Maybe find something that costs around $500, save the rest of the money for the OLED in a few years.
there seems to be developing two lines of Digital TVs. The 'budget' line, for lack of a better term, is the ones you see at the big box stores and are constatly on sale. The 'higher' line, with premium features and have some what higher price tags attached. I talking from the same manufacturers. A quality LCD will last quit a while, I'm sure if you stick with a quality brand. LED, the new kid on the block is only slightly 'better' than LCD but you pay for the new technology.
You can get an interim cheezy 32" 720p LCD for $400 now and save more than $400 in the short period of time between now and when you actually get that LED TV. The 32" widescreen will be about as tall as your old 26" and if off-the-air HDTV is important to you you'll get all that for free.
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