Any Sushi fans?

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May 23, 2005
Lately, I cannot get enough Sushi! I lived in CA for 10 years and really developed a taste for it there; and it was always fresh (as if you could stand it any other way [Freak] ) I now live in Wisconsin and I'm surprised to have found a place that rival's CA's best. My favorites are: Unagi (BBQ Eel), Spicy Salmon and Tuna, Seaweed Salad and of course Wasabi! No real point to this thread. I'm just moping because I want sushi tonight and my wife hates it.
We like the stuff. Often it's what the kids want for their birthday dinner. I like the flying fish roe, smoked eel, and tuna rolls a lot.
I like the Ikura. The Maguro and Unagi are also on my favorite list. They all taste good with wasabi of course. Fresh ground what makes their's different from super market stuff.
Amaebi with the fried heads on the side Toro (must be really good and fresh) Spicy scallop, spicy tuna hand rolls Pretty much any sushi, I usually ask what's really fresh and good that day, and go with that.
Pablo why the ? on Sushi in India? That shows a lack of understanding of food in India (I'm going there in March courtesy of HP and the U.S taxpayer). Seafood in India is big time so the sushi should be awesome. Indian flavoured sushi, I can't imagine better food than that anywhere. Bring it on!
I love vegetarian sushi and inari. I'll eat sashimi and sushi made with raw fish only if I find myself shipwrecked on Lincoln Island and if no other food is to be found. And for sure I won't touch any sea urchin, fish eggs or similar stuff. I'd rather chew on a big piece of kelp. [Wink]
No, sprintman, it shows my knowledge of hygienic standards in the world today. I'm sure there is some fine sushi in India. At the most expensive places. Maybe, just maybe prepared by a Japanese chef. Just so you know, I typically won't eat sushi in middle USA, either. How exactly did that tuna get there? (If you know what I mean) I have been married into a Japanese family for over 20 years, so I know a thing or two about sushi. When in Rome eat as the Romans do. I have nothing against seafood in India. I would most like to try the seafood of Bengal, prepared traditionally. You must try the shrimp dishes and the black carp.
Botulism? crieky!! Homeless guys? yikes! I won't get into disease stats on this food channel either. I've not spent any time in NY, but where I live it's extremely rare for food poisoning outside the rare burgers at Jack in the Box :0. I know I wrote "I'm sure there is some fine sushi in India. At the most expensive places." so is this not in agreement with what you wrote?
As an Indian food devotee I aim to get away from the 5 star hotels and get some of the real thing. May get sick but that's the price you pay I guess. And yes if sushi isn't made by Japnese we don't touch it. Dragon Rolls anybody?
sprintman, Almost all Indian food are cooked thoroughly including veg and non veg, in all my travels, I have hardly ever gone sick, the combination of spices and long simmered cooking with pressure cooker cooking being very common leads to a pretty safe food.
See, anywhere in world, you go where you see throngs of locals, that way you are sure its not a tourist trap,problems can occur anywhere in the world, my friend ended up with tape cysts which needed surgery after a trip to Thailand.
Pablo, Have had more bouts of botulism as well as other stomach problems in US of A than India, so there goes the hygiene theory, I also remember a ABC channel expose that most salad was being cut by homeless guys in expensive NYC joints. Point is Sushi and other Japanese stuff is really expensive affair so the clientele who comes wield influence, mostly 5 stars and exclusive restaurants serve Japanese and if anyone gets sick,there will be price to pay in every sense. India being a peninsula gets abundant fresh fish,,most exported to EU and US, so that in itself is not a problem.Actually the idea of raw fish was abhorred and its only now that the younger generation here in India has accepted Japanese to an extent, some for being stylish rather than taste, some for taste as well.Usually people here were apprehensive about food from anywhere else than India as the presumption was that the others eat almost everything living.
I was about to order sushi in Cowra on a 40C plus day. Fortunately, I smelled the sushi on a lady's plate two tables away and decided not to. My sister did 'though (I told her so, but she had to go and get sick).
I can't get into the whole uncooked thing, so I stay safe and just get veggie only rolls with stuff like avocado, etc. in them. Wasabi and soy sauce are a must. I really like the unusual kick wasabi has. Kind of like Chinese hot mustard...It kind of gets up in your nose more than having an actual burn to it like chilis do.
Sushi is addicting. I love the stuff but cant eat it as often as I want to cause my wife dosent like it. She cant get past the whole uncooked thing either. [Confused]
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